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   Chapter 981 Flames Of Fury (Part Two)

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"Get me out of here! Zen!" When she saw that Zen wasn't going to say anything, Margaret's child-like temper worsened. She had completely forgotten that the reason Zen was being chased all the way to the underground palace was entirely because of her!


Zen suddenly threw Margaret to the ground, with a force so strong that

Margaret's supple body then hit the ground.

As Margaret was at the primary level of the Internal Elixir Realm, the impact of her fall wasn't enough to injure her.

However, this unprecedented act of violence from Zen made Margaret dumbstruck. When she finally came back to her senses a few moments later, she suddenly screamed, "What are you doi-?"


Just before Margaret could finish what she was trying to say, Zen had already planted a slap across her face!

Everyone knew that Zen was a man of powerful strength. If he had concentrated his full strength on the slap, he would be able to smash Margaret's head into pieces. However, Zen was able to control his strength, but the slap had still left a clear hand mark on her face.

"If It hadn't been for you, do you think I would ever have come here?" Zen said, shaking. There were very few people who could anger him. Other than Eddie, who was his sworn enemy, Zen was rarely genuinely upset by anyone.

Actually, the predicament they were in today wasn't something unconquerable to Zen. Throughout the years, he had already experienced many other life or death crises that were ten times more troublesome than this! He knew there was still a gap between his and Eddie's strength, but in a fight between warriors, no one could be one hundred percent sure as to who would be the winner. But if he we

ver, now her life vitality had been sealed by Zen, and she wouldn't have the strength to resist.

Soon after, Zen held onto Margaret's shoulder and pushed her to the ground. The place might not be very clean as they were in a wet and cold cave, but at this time, Zen couldn't care about anything else.

Lavender held onto her spear, floating beside him like a ghost, a cold smile on her face.

"I've told you long ago to just take away her virginity energy yourself. If you had listened to me earlier, we wouldn't have gone into so much trouble, being chased by that Eddie guy," Lavender said, as she shook her head. The customs of the Demon Night seemed to be very different from that of the human race. They didn't have any notion of taboo. Like now, unlike any human girl who would be too ashamed to see a scene of intimate intercourse, Lavender fixed her beautiful eyes on the entangling bodies on the ground. There was not a trace of embarrassment on her face, and she was clearly not trying to avoid seeing it. Instead, she took great interest in what was happening and had enjoyed watching the scene in front of her thoroughly.

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