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   Chapter 980 Flames Of Fury (Part One)

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On this Dreamy Swampland, everyone got their own schemes.

Zen wanted to take Margaret away and escape, while Eddie wanted to kill Zen and seize Margaret. Simon, on the other hand, wanted Margaret to die, and as for Zen, he didn't really care how he would end. If he died, Simon wouldn't benefit from it at all. All of Zen's possessions would be taken by Eddie, so to him, it didn't matter if Zen died or not.

With his current speed, Zen would be able to close out the ten-mile distance in an instant.

And truly, soon enough, Zen was able to see a large cave below them. This cave was surrounded by moss and ferns. Because of the lush vegetation around it, there was almost no light that could come into the cave, and so all they could see was a dark hole, which was the entrance of the cave, and nothing else.

Without hesitation, Zen once again carried Margaret and entered the cave.

"Huh?" When Eddie suddenly could not sense Zen's life vitality, a puzzled look appeared on his face. Simon sneered in secret, but he pretended that he was surprised by Zen's sudden disappearance. In no time, they reached above the cave.

"This brat actually entered this underground palace!" Simon said in a feigned surprised tone.

Upon hearing this, Eddie's eyes narrowed. He turned to Simon in confusion and asked, "How did this kid know that there is an underground palace here?"

Simon shook his head and replied, "This underground palace is very dangerous. I don't know how he knew about it - maybe he knew that he couldn't escape from you and so when he found out that there happened to be an underground palace here, he just entered it without much thought."

After hearing what Simon had to say, Eddie gave him a suspicious g

morale was down.

It was at this moment that Margaret started to pester him once again. "It's so dark here," she started, the disgust in her voice evident. "I don't like it."

Unexpectedly, Lavender did not taunt Margaret for her complaint. Instead, in the darkness, she calmly stared at Margaret, scoffing at her peevishness in her heart.

Zen didn't say anything either and just kept traveling through the underground palace. He fled in any path he could take without really thinking about what could be ahead of him.

"Could you find a way out? I don't want to stay here any longer!" Margaret said once again.

In her head, Lavender couldn't help but sneer as she was already feeling Zen's fury seething inside him. Lavender was very observant and intelligent and so she knew whenever Zen was already extremely agitated. And at this moment, he really was. However, the idiotic young lady of the Xi Clan kept on nagging and was as irritating as a fly. If this continued, Zen would surely lose his patience sooner or later!

'You know what? It would be best if Zen would end up killing this woman in a fit of rage, ' Lavender brooded resentfully.

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