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   Chapter 979 The Underground Palace

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The Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior was only ten feet away. However, in the split second that it took him to discover Zen with his perception, the latter's body was already erupting with forceful energy.


The warrior did not even have a chance to react as Zen shot towards him with unbelievable speed and appeared right in front of him.

"You…" He had wanted to ask the man in front of him if he was Zen. Everything had happened so fast that he was not really sure of what was going on.

However, Zen did not give him the luxury of a reply.


He felt a split second of intense pain as Zen's fist landed on his chest. The punch immediately deflated his chest and the warrior immediately slumped onto the grass - dead.

Zen's moves were precise, meticulous, but also powerful. He was able to defeat his opponent with one blow.

The sight shocked Margaret to the core. She was also a warrior and her cultivation level was by no means low, but the skills and strength Zen had just demonstrated left her slack-jawed.

Margaret was no stranger to martial artist fights. Competitions among warriors from Ethereal City's families were held every year and, as the young miss of the Xi Clan, a seat was always reserved for her in the stands. Her sharp eyes and reputation for predicting the winners with 80% accuracy were undisputed.

But now, after seeing what Zen just did, the fights she witnessed back in the arena seemed no more than child's play.

Margaret would've never expected someone who had just reached the Virtual Tribulation Realm like Zen to be able to decimate a warrior at the middle stage of the same realm so easily.

Nonetheless, Zen had no regard for Margaret's thoughts. He flew down and forcefully grabbed her by the arm. "Let's go!"

Zen no longer hid his life vitality. He let it combine with his forceful energy as it erupted from his body and transformed himself into a streak of light that shot across the Dreamy Swampland

His judgment had been correct. Simon and the other warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm were able to pinpoint his location the moment he killed that Orange Teeth Crocodile. He was able to cleanly kill one of them but it was no use. Simon knew where he was and he was coming.

Although Simon had instructed Eddie to scout the area first, the instructions were quickly thrown out the window

onfidence in believing Simon's words.

As Zen was now being chased down by Simon and Eddie together, he would definitely die, so it was all completely unnecessary for Simon to help Zen. It seemed that the Poison King had joined forces with Eddie, but it did not seem like the two were exactly on friendly terms.

Masters like them were quite selfish and did not like to share their benefits with other people. Two tigers couldn't live on the same mountain, after all. Most warriors wanted to climb to the top of the world.

It was impossible for someone like Simon to submit to Eddie, and Eddie would never be able to tolerate Simon. Despite teaming up, there was unresolved and irreconcilable conflict that existed between the two of them.

If Eddie got Margaret, he'd successfully manage a breakthrough and Simon would suffer bitterly.

"To the right!" Zen immediately followed and turned to the right. "What now?" he asked through his life vitality.

"There's an underground palace ten miles ahead," Simon answered. "I can't guarantee that you'll be able to get rid of Eddie once you enter, but it should at least buy you some time." Beneath the Dreamy Swampland was a large underground palace that nobody but Simon knew about.

It was an extremely dangerous place devoid of any treasures or opportunities. Simon had explored it twice but came up with nothing and almost died.

'The underground palace will also take both of your lives, ' Simon muttered coldly in his mind.

His best choice was to lead Zen into this underground palace and leave him there to die.

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