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   Chapter 978 Hiding

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Beneath the ripples lurked many grey scaled crocodiles.

They were called Scaled Orange Teeth Crocodile. Their skin could be used to construct spiritual weapons. However, not a lot of warriors were willing to hunt and kill them.

The reason behind it was that the Orange Teeth Crocodiles were too ferocious and their defensive power was immense. Even the warriors at the Internal Elixir Realm found it hard to kill them. Moreover, the reward for killing those creatures was only the skin that they had. That wasn't much for the warriors, so risking their lives couldn't have been worth it.

At that moment, over a hundred Orange Teeth Crocodiles stealthily approached Zen.

To avoid getting discovered, he withdrew his life vitality and didn't even dare reveal his perception. That way, he wasn't able to take notice of the crocodiles as well.

Both Zen and Margaret moved toward the flowing water, but the faint ripples got closer to them by the minute.


An Orange Teeth Crocodile emerged from the water and went to Margaret's direction, opening its large mouth in an attempt to bite her.

Those creatures were brilliant in camouflaging. If one didn't pay close attention, he could mistake it for a rotten wood floating on the water. What was worse was they could move very fast.

Hearing the sudden splashing in the water from behind her, Margaret turned around and was welcomed by an enormous crocodile mouth. She stopped dead in her tracks. The crocodile near her had two rows of sharp, orange teeth that could leave marks even on an iron.

Normally, the ordinary Internal Elixir Realm warriors weren't afraid of the Orange Teeth Crocodiles. However, Margaret was an exception as she didn't have any experience in training. She had no idea how to deal with this particular creature should she encounter one.

Suddenly, Zen's figure appeared, lightly tapping on the surface of the water. Using his strength, he jumped over and directly stomped on the crocodile's lower jaw. The crocodile quickly moved its upper jaw to try to bite into Zen's leg.

With no hesitation, Zen punched the crocodile in its upper jaw.


The forceful punch Zen threw tore the crocodile's mouth in an instant. Bright red blood spurted out and mixed right into the waters. Suffering from significant pain, the Orange Teeth Crocodile squirmed, causing waves of water everywhere.


Margaret screamed. Six Orange Teeth Crocodiles appeared right beside her. Those creatures all seemed to agree that Margaret could make a sumptuous meal.

Knitting his eyebrows, Zen couldn't help but be pissed about the situation.

Those crocodiles didn't scare Zen at all. If they tried to eat him up as he just stood there, they couldn't swallow him whole. However, killing all six of them at the same time would take some strategizing. If he employed his life vitality, he could instantly kill the

hroughout the swamp. The sound didn't last very long, so it made the warrior feel suspicious.

It confused him whether it was a woman's voice or it was a bird's.

Carefully, he decided to search around the area one more time.

The Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior slowly floated in the air. He used his perception to check the ground bit by bit. After he rigorously searched through the swamp, he decided to check the grass again. At that time, he was getting closer and closer to Zen.

As Zen stared at the approaching warrior floating in the air, he pressed Margaret firmly into him. His calm eyes showed a trace of pressure. If the warrior continued to be that meticulous, they could surely be discovered by him.

'I hope you're lucky enough to fail to discover me here. Otherwise, you will be in great trouble, ' Zen thought.

If the Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior discovered Zen, he had no other plans but to kill him.

The warrior didn't have the slightest idea that approaching Zen meant approaching his death. In his eyes, Zen was only at the early stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm staying together with Margaret who was just an early-stage Internal Elixir Realm warrior. In that situation, the Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior believed that dealing with them both was a breeze. If he could catch Zen, it could be regarded as his most considerable contribution.

Just like the sect, there was also competition among the divine kingdom's warriors. Being able to stand out among the other Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors gave more benefits especially when Eddie's divine kingdom became more powerful and influential.

Five hundred feet...

Three hundred feet...

Two hundred feet...

One hundred feet...

The muscles all over Zen's body tightened. At that specific distance, he didn't intend to use his life vitality. He knew that he could take down the enemy at once using his forceful energy.

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