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   Chapter 977 Hunt And Escape

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The entirety of the Dreamy Swampland was enveloped in a faint mist.

Evidently, this fog was different from the fog in the Dark Nether Cave. The fog of the latter had been arranged using a magical array. If one failed to find the array plate, they would be stuck in the fog and never be able to leave.

The fog of the Dreamy Swampland, on the other hand, could be considered a bit troublesome for ordinary people as well as to the martial art cultivators with low cultivation bases. For martial cultivators at Zen's level, more attention to the complicated environment and the vicious beasts needed to be paid.

Margaret's eyes widened in disbelief when she saw the poisonous water of the pond. She did not have a strong body like Zen to resist the poison. She felt that if she were to get in the water, her entire body would be corroded by it until not even her ashes remained.

"But I want to take a bath..." Margaret couldn't stand her body in its current state, filthy and dirty.

"Bear with it," Zen said, shaking his head. He shoved aside the bushes and continued to move forward.

The direction he was heading in was the one Eddie had scanned through his senses. Normally, Zen would be moving away from Eddie, in the exact opposite path. Instead, he was following him. They hadn't yet entered deep into the Dreamy Swampland. Eddie was already in there, and as long as Zen got out of the Dreamy Swampland, he might escape from his enemy successfully.

He was clever enough to do the opposite. As per his judgment, Eddie had released his senses on purpose just to mislead Zen and make him think that he had entered deep into the Dreamy Swampland. When Eddie got the opportunity, he would attack him.

If things went south, Zen would be in great danger.

As Zen advanced ahead, he mulled over a plan to handle the upcoming situation. Suddenly, the expression on his face changed as he quickly bent down and pulled Margaret into the nearby bushes.

In mid-air, a figure turned back into the fog, moving at lightning speed as it shot to the outskirts of the Dreamy Swampland.

"I guessed right," Zen muttered, his eyes flashing with excitement. If he had just left the Dreamy Swampland, Eddie would have caught him.

Eddie flew at full speed as he rushed out of the swampland. The thick fog could block anyone's senses and even he couldn't release his own for too far. They only stretched to a small area around him. What was most antagonising was that even though the Dreamy Swampland looked extremely desolate, there were countless creatures lurking within. If Zen were to hide inside, Eddie would not be able to discern him.

For that reason, Eddie had to initially give Zen the wrong impression that he had entered deep into the swamp. Very quickly afterward, he would turn back from his way and rush out of the swampland with the speed of a shooting star!

If Zen's plan had been to escape Eddie, he would have chosen to exit the Dreamy Swampl

e way as she lifted her dress with her hands. With every step she took, her lips curled with disgust and reluctance, and as she watched her sleeves sink into the pitch-black mud, she could not help but feel overwhelmed with repulsion.

Zen had of course noticed her unpleasant expressions, but he could not afford to attend to this proud young lady under such urgent circumstances.

Humans could vary a lot in their personalities. Lavender's status was a thousand times higher than this young lady of the Xi Family. She was considered a top-level cultivator even in the Upper World. It could be said that she was born noble, meant to stand at the highest level of lives and look down on all living beings of the Lower World.

However, after Lavender realized the situation she was in, she quickly acknowledged Zen as her master. She was so decisive in her choices that she placed all her hopes on Zen almost without hesitation. Margaret, on the other hand, seemed not to understand the situation around her.

After they crossed over a patch of grass, a vast stretch of lagoon appeared in front of them. The lagoon was not deep. The water in it would only reach their waists, but since they didn't dare use their life vitality to fly across it, they would only be able to slowly wade through the water.

"There's no poison in the water, right?" Margaret asked, turning to Zen.

Zen stepped into the lagoon first. "No," he replied flatly.

Margaret's face broke into a small smile. At last she could wash the dirt off her body and clothes!

They slowly made their way through the lagoon. Margaret used the water to wash the mud off her body. Her white clothes clung to her body as they got wet, outlining her slim waist and the graceful lines of her figure.

Just as Margaret was concentrating on washing her body, a few ripples broke the surface of the water not far away from them. They silently raced through the quiet water surface, approaching Zen and Margaret.

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