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   Chapter 976 Mud

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There were countless fierce beasts lurking in the Dreamy Swampland, a place that until now, no one from the Central Region had been able to fully explore.

When they had been up in the air, Eddie's eyes had locked firmly on Zen, who had found it extremely difficult to get rid of Eddie. But the Dreamy Swampland was complicated, which meant that Zen now had the chance to shake Eddie off.

Zen walked swiftly towards the Dreamy Swampland. Eddie sneered as he saw what Zen was about to do. "You want to enter the Dreamy Swampland? It's a good idea, Zen, but luck isn't on your side this time!"

Eddie took out a message rune and pinched it. The rune began to burn. "Simon, a rat has entered the Dreamy Swampland. I've already killed the Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit, and it won't be long before I take down the Ethereal Spirit Sect. Tell Darius to retreat 300 miles. Bring your men here!"

Eddie was sure that Simon had been hiding in the Dreamy Swampland all these years. There was no one in the whole Central Region who knew the Dreamy Swampland better than Simon did.

Zen had obviously made the wrong choice. Why would he choose to hide in the Dreamy Swampland of all places? It looked like it would become his grave today.

Not long after, a flame rose up behind Eddie's ears. Simon had sent Eddie a message through his message rune. The voice chuckled as it reassured Eddie, "To me, the Dreamy Swampland is like my backyard. Let me help you catch that rat!"

Simon was only marginally weaker than Eddie and they weren't affiliated with each other. Simon's ambition was to establish a sacred place and Eddie's dream was to establish his own divine kingdom. They cooperated with each other so that they could achieve their goals. Not for nothing were they the top martial artists in the Central Region.

Despite everything, Eddie knew that they were only taking advantage of each other's skills for the time being. A fight between them was inevitable once they achieved their respective goals. Simon was most likely hiding a trump card that Eddie did not know about, but Eddie was confident that he could take down Simon.

No matter what the future held, there was no conflict between them right now and their cooperation seemed perfectly beneficial to both of them. After all, their targets were shockingly similar and they were both intensely ambitious.

The moment Zen entered the Dreamy Swampland, he immediately lowered his altitude. He was now practically skimming the ground as he flew.

The Dreamy Swampland had an extremely complex terrain. There were shallow depressions all around, the water in many of which looked clear from afar, but in reality, contained deadly poison. A sip of this water could kill even the most powerful of all creatures.

Zen flew close to the ground, trying his best to hide his own scent. In order to conceal any life vitality and aura, Zen even made sure that Lavender stayed inside his body in the form of a speck of red light. He slowed down considerably because of this.

Zen could not sense Eddie's scent once he had entered the Dreamy Swampland. It was po

t. She knew that Zen had reached out only because he wanted to stop her from activating her life vitality and he hadn't hesitated to extend his hand even though he knew that the snake would bite him. A jumble of emotions wreaked havoc within her.

After pondering about it for a while, Margaret took a step forward and followed Zen.

But since she was covered in a layer of mud, she felt uncomfortable all over.

She had always been entitled to abundant resources for cultivation. Besides, she was also a heaven-level talent. With exceptional talent, she had never gone out to gain experience in dangerous places, yet she had already stepped into the Internal Elixir Realm. She couldn't imagine how difficult it was for martial artists to survive in this cruel world. She also couldn't understand martial artists who would risk their lives just for a low-grade spiritual weapon or those who endured endless trials and tribulations for several years just to get their hands on one small pill.

She might have heard other warriors talk about how many hardships they had faced since they had become cultivators. But she had never experienced those hardships.

From a certain point of view, this was her first time going out to gain experience.

Zen walked slowly in the Dreamy Swampland, Margaret closely following him. They were fearful of being detected if they utilized their life vitality, because of which they didn't dare fly.

As they stumbled through the swamp, her eyes suddenly lit up as she saw a small clear pond since this meant that she could clean up in the water.

She caught up and patted Zen on the shoulder, saying, "I want to take a bath."

Zen looked at Margaret, amused, and then he looked at the clear, small pond beside him. He plucked a plant and threw it into the pond.


The moment the plant touched the water, it hissed and sizzled and started to turn black, emitting a faint smoke. It was obvious that the clear water in the pond contained a highly toxic poison.

"Do you still want to take a bath?" Zen asked with a smile.

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