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   Chapter 974 Dragon-trapping Rope

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Zen seemed to be heading outside the Ethereal City and Eddie was glad to see him do that. As he did so, he sent a message to Simon using the message rune, asking him to help seize Zen with him together.

But the truth was Zen did not escape from the Ethereal City. Instead he was flying around the city. Naturally, Eddie was wary of him.

"What are you worried about?" Zen asked with a smirk. He was a mere thousand feet from Eddie.

Eddie's expression darkened. He looked around carefully, but did not discover anything suspicious. However, he couldn't quell the doubt in his heart, which grew even stronger when he saw Zen's smile.

The two of them now stood still, staring at each other.

"Since that's the case, I'll be leaving now!" Zen turned to leave.

Seeing that Zen was about to leave, Eddie was immediately angered. He suspected that this was a kind of double bluff.

He had no choice but to activate his life vitality. He suddenly accelerated, and zoomed towards Zen at a high speed.


As he watched Eddie arrive in the air above the palace, Zen let out a loud shout.

Under Eddie, rays of light suddenly burst out from the palace. Little by little, the rays converged to form lines. All streets, within a 1, 500-feet radius released a red light. It looked as though the sun had descended on the ground. The streets connected and evolved into a gigantic rune.

At the same time, the Space Law Power suddenly reverberated within the palace. There were a few flashes of incandescent light, and Brent, Robin and the Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit appeared.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The rays of light formed countless small dragons in the huge rune formed by the streets. They soared up to the sky and surrounded Eddie at lightning speed. Some dragons circled his limbs, while the others wrapped themselves around his body. In the blink of an eye, the small dragons had trapped him completely.

"I've long heard about Arnold's peerless relic hidden within the Ethereal Spirit Sect other than the Illusory Array. Today, I finally saw it—the Dragon-trapping Rope. It really is extraordinary!" Zen praised.

He hadn't witnessed the power of the Illusory Array of the Ethereal Spirit Sect. However, the power of this Dragon-trapping Rope was something that he sincerely admired.

The Central Region didn't belong to the Upper World. Unlike Zen, who was able to obtain the inheritance of the divine texture, Arnold did not have any predecessors from whom he could learn. He could only rely on himself to understand and create the runes. Even so, he was able to display the full potential of the rune technique. Zen could tell from the power of the Dragon-trapping Rope that it was not inferior to a three-star divine texture.

Brent and Robin suddenly passed through the void and arrived in front of Zen.

The Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit also slowly flew into the air; the seven of them were already on guard, holding their long swords and facing Eddie.

the leader of the Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit, pointing his long sword at Eddie.

There was no fear in Eddie's eyes as he continued to sneer, "Indeed. You are a bit smarter than I thought, but unfortunately you are no match for me!"

With that, a black mist erupted from between his brows. It instantly enveloped him, as well as the Dragon-trapping Rope. The mist seemed to be corroding the Dragon-trapping Rope.

"Isn't the Dragon-trapping Rope able to ban someone from using the life vitality? How is Eddie still able to use it?"

"That isn't life vitality. It must be some sort of secret technique that doesn't require the use of life vitality."

"We can't let him destroy the Dragon-trapping Rope! Kill him! Now!"

The Ethereal Spirit Sect had planned this for a long time. They were heavily relying on Arnold's Dragon-trapping Rope to kill Eddie. Although this move was risky, once he was killed, the Ethereal Spirit Sect would have unparalleled achievements. Without Eddie, the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom would collapse on its own.

It was for this reason that Zen had agreed to cooperate with the Ethereal Spirit Sect. After all, he shared the same goal with the Ethereal Spirit Sect.

The Dragon-trapping Rope was extremely powerful. It was said that even a warrior at the Life and Death Realm had no way of escaping after being trapped within it. But Eddie had managed to outwit it using a secret technique.

This scene caused anxiety in everyone, including the Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit. With their swords raised, six of them retreated while the rest one advanced. The array formed by the Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit was also their strongest technique.

The leader collected the life vitality and sword intent of the other six people, and suddenly, a sword light erupted. Although he was only a warrior at the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, the power of his sword was now comparable to the full force of a warrior at the Life and Death Realm.

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