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   Chapter 973 It All Looked Fishy

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 9690

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Lavender turned around and darted towards Eddie with a spear in her hand. The next moment, she thrust the spear at Eddie.

"A mid-grade sacred weapon!"

Eddie's eyes widened in amazement. There were only a few low-grade sacred weapons in the Central Region. How could he not be envious when he saw Zen's sword spirit wielding a mid-grade sacred weapon?

But at the same time, there was a hint of doubt in Eddie's mind. Didn't Zen's sword spirit use a huge sword? How did it suddenly become a spear!

Zen's luck was truly beyond anyone's wildest imagination. Not only had he broken through to the Virtual Tribulation Realm, he'd even managed to obtain a mid-grade sacred weapon.

"It's a good weapon. But it's a pity that this mid-grade sacred weapon will come into my hands in the end. All of your luck and your secrets will belong to me!" Eddie was certain that Zen was hiding a huge secret. If he found out what it was, he would be able to become an emperor. And that was not all, he would even be able to attain greater power in the future. Eddie's ambition would not be confined only to the Central Region. There existed four divine kingdoms on the other side of the Chaotic Ocean of Stars. The world was boundless. Eddie had been constantly conquering regions his whole life, and his final goal was to reach the pinnacle of the world.

Defeating Zen was the most crucial step for him to reach success!

Lavender's spear was right in front of him but Eddie did not hesitate to counterattack. A brownish-yellow light flashed on his fist and shot towards Zen.

"Humph! Break into pieces!"

Lavender wasn't scared. The long spear suddenly jolted and emitted a wave of formless energy. An astonishing power burst forth from it and immediately destroyed the radiance emitting from Eddie's fist.

Eddie looked at Lavender in utter disbelief.

How did Zen's sword spirit become so powerful?

True, Eddie hadn't employed his full strength in this punch, but if a mere sword spirit managed to block his attack, it was incredible! How could he not be astounded?

Lavender looked at Eddie wickedly, "Surprised?"

"You can actually speak?" Eddie's jaw dropped when he heard her voice. How could a sword spirit speak? He was baffled. He had seen Zen's sword spirit before. Although this particular one's sword dance had been incomparably exquisite, it didn't seem extraordinary to Eddie back then.

The spear skills that the sword spirit had displayed were impeccable. Eddie was astonished beyond words.

However, Eddie had recovered from the shock quickly. His expression became serious. He realized that the man before him was not as easy to defeat as he once thought he would be. He could no longer treat Zen as an amateur warrior who had just entered the Virtual Tribulation Realm. It was just like in the past, when Zen was only a martial artist at the Illuminating Soul Realm, a

"You are not afraid of death, right? Why are you still holding on to Zen so tightly?"

At first, Margaret was not very happy about being carried by Zen, however, as he was flying extremely fast, she had now firmly and instinctively grabbed his shoulder.

"I…" Margaret's face darkened. She did not know how to respond to Lavender's jibes. She paused to think, and an idea struck her. Her stubborn temper rose again. "Zen, let me down," she commanded.

"Let you down?" Lavender blinked and said, "Let you off so that Eddie can catch you and set up the Lustful Demon Array? You aren't important, but Yan is a hundred times more important than you!"

From Zen's point of view, it was indeed so. It didn't matter to him whether Margaret was dead or alive. He only wanted to take her away for the sake of his sister.

"Then...then just kill me!" It was then that Margaret truly understood that there was no other path in front of her. She was either to die or just to tolerate all this.

"Lavender, stop. That's enough for her," Zen said nonchalantly.

He didn't know why Lavender was intentionally irritating Margaret. She might be doing it just to mock the young lady and make him give up on her and, maybe even kill her. But Zen would not let that happen.

Although the world of martial artists was cruel, Zen could choose what he could and couldn't do. Lavender's solution would indeed be the safest and easiest one, but Zen did not want this innocent young girl to lose her life!

He circled in the sky above the Ethereal City with Margaret in his arms. Meanwhile, Eddie was closing the distance between them. Just as Zen leaped into a palace-like building in the Ethereal City, he suddenly stopped and turned around to face Eddie, a strange smile playing on his face.

Eddie became more alert when he saw Zen stopping suddenly. This kid couldn't have just given up and wait to be captured. It all looked fishy.

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