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   Chapter 972 Illusion

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Zen shot up into the sky and smashed the beams. As soon as the beams broke, the house began to collapse and everything in the courtyard fell to the ground.

"Oh, no! courtyard!" Margaret was on the verge of tears.

Zen sighed inwardly. This young lady didn't seem to understand the situation she was in, but he didn't have the time or the patience to sit down with her and analyze the situation and the danger she was facing. If this matter wasn't related to Yan, he wouldn't even care about this stupid girl.

Carrying Margaret, Zen madly rushed in the direction of the transmission array. Although Ethereal City was enormous, with his current flying speed, Zen wouldn't take long to reach his destination.

However, at this moment, a strong aura descended from the sky. Zen's face fell when he sensed this aura.

"Eddie is coming!" His eyes flashed.

At the sight of Eddie, Margaret turned pale. Just a moment ago, she hadn't even been close to figuring out what was going on, but now, she knew. She'd never expected that the things the elders of the Xi Family had been worrying about would actually happen.

"Zen Luo!" Eddie roared at Zen from above. "You're fast. But if you hadn't come here, you might have lived a little longer. Now you're courting death! I'm going to kill you today!"

Eddie had once been greatly frustrated by Zen, but he hadn't been able to do anything about it, because Zen had been hiding in the Cloud Hall's sect-protecting array.

However, things had changed now. There was no sect-protecting array to keep Zen safe anymore.

Eddie knew how good Zen's luck was. But if he didn't personally kill Zen, he would never be able to live in peace.

Moreover, in just two years, Zen had been able to step into the Virtual Tribulation Realm. Although he was only at the primary level, his progress shocked and frightened Eddie. In another three to five years, Zen would be able to break through to the Soul Sea Realm. When that time came, there was no way Eddie would be able to defeat Zen. In fact, Zen would be able to snap him into two as easily as snapping a twig.

Eddie's grand plan was to found his divine kingdom, so he couldn't allow such a huge threat to live in this world.

He had to kill Zen today no matter what. For that reason, he had even temporarily stopped attacking the Ethereal Spirit Sect. Anyone could see how determined Eddie was.


Zen refused to listen to Eddie's nonsense. He quickly rushed toward the Sky Worm River in Ethereal Cit

he replied, "Since I'll die no matter what, I have to try to find a way out. You're a sect master, so stop with the nonsense!"

"I'm not a sect master. I am the lord of the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom." The outside world had assumed that the Heavenly Evil Sect was a sect force, but no one dared to speak of the Heavenly Evil Sect in front of Eddie. Generally, they would call it the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom.

"Hmph! How shameless you are to claim to be the lord of the divine kingdom!" Zen sneered.

"You're already a dead man, but you're still trying to get on my nerves! I'll make sure you die a miserable death then!" Eddie suddenly increased his speed. The fist radiance in his hand started to flicker, and a powerful aura began brewing inside his body. The moment he found an opening, he would make his move.

Feeling Eddie's power, Margaret turned pale. Her face was filled with grief. She was afraid that she would really die on Zen's shoulder today.

However, she hadn't expected that red dots of light would suddenly shoot out from Zen's body. It was none other than Zen's sword spirit.

Once Lavender took on her complete form, she stood close to Margaret and, with a mocking expression on her face, gave Margaret a smirk. After that, she took the middle-grade sacred spear from Zen's hand and charged at Eddie.

'She must be Zen's transformed sword spirit, ' Margaret thought to herself. She had heard that Zen had a very special sword spirit, but why did his sword spirit have expressions? And why had she looked like she was laughing at her?

Maybe it was just an illusion. Margaret began to wonder whether her eyes were playing tricks on her.

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