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   Chapter 971 Escape

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"Aside from the news about Miss Xi, we've also acquired an interesting new piece of information," Darius said upon seeing Eddie's grim expression.

"What is it?"

Eddie asked.

"Zen has returned," Darius immediately replied.

Eddie's eyes immediately flashed with a malicious aura, "Zen…

Hmph! He actually returned!"

Rumors and speculations about Zen dying had spread all over Central Region but Eddie did not believe any of it.

He had seen firsthand how Zen became the ultimate winner of the Wheel of Fortune, signifying that he was a man of great destiny. Eddie did not believe that Zen was someone who would die so easily. The only way Eddie would ever believe Zen's death would be if he killed him with his own hands.

"What are you going to do now?"

Darius asked cautiously, clearly aware of the malicious aura that emanated from Eddie.

"Temporarily halt all attacks on the Ethereal Spirit Sect. Station everyone a hundred miles away while we wait for Simon's men to arrive. Do not make a move until I come!"

Eddie ordered.

Simon, the Poison King, had recently joined Eddie's Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom despite them initially being on opposing sides.

It was Eddie who extended the invitation and Simon accepted after weighing up the cost and benefits. Despite the conflict between them at the start, Simon had since put aside past grudges once he came to realize the benefits of joining Eddie and his divine kingdom.

At that moment, Simon was already rushing over with a group of independent warriors.

The Ethereal Spirit Sect must not be underestimated. It was not heralded as the number one sect in the Central Region for no reason. Although its sect-protecting array constructed by Arnold was not on par with Cloud Hall's, Eddie knew that the Illusory Array was still capable of causing a great deal of trouble for his army.

Moreover, the Ethereal Spirit Sect had Xander and Eddie did not dare to look down upon him. The joint forces of the Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit were comparable to a Life and Death Realm master's strength.

It would be difficult but if he managed to get the Ethereal Spirit Sect to yield, Eddie was sure that his Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom would reap huge benefits.

After Darius left to enforce his orders, a plan was already brewing in Eddie's mind, "I want to see just how he will escape this time," he muttered to himself with a sneer. Then, he turned into a beam of light and charged straight towards Ethereal City.

Meanwhile, inside the Ethereal Spirit Sect, Xander stood in a huge Eight Diagrams and looked up to the sky with a complicated expression.

The Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit formed a unique formation that was in accordance with the shape of the Big Dipper. They looked up solemnly at the large number of warriors in the sky.

The majority of their attackers were at the Illuminating Soul Realm and did not pos

ct. There was no way he could stay in the castle with the threat of war upon them.

Zen's face darkened at his words. He immediately stood up and cupped his hands to Robin, "I'll take the young lady out of the Ethereal City right now!"

Had he not stayed for the luncheon, Zen would've already left Ethereal City with Margaret hours ago. He did not expect that a war would suddenly break out while he was casually eating lunch with the Xi Clan.

Robin nodded, "I'll bring you to her right now!"

While Brent rushed to the Ethereal Spirit Sect, Robin led Zen towards Margaret's residence.

Inside her residence, Margaret was alone and sulking thinking that she was about to leave the castle. Her table was full of delicious food but she didn't eat a single bite. Her mind was a mess and she was in no mood to eat.


Her door and screens were suddenly smashed into smithereens as Zen forced his entry into her room.

The two screens were made of precious jade and were of high value. Margaret liked them very much and had spent a lot of effort getting them two years ago. To think that Zen broke them just like that made her furious!

"You! You must pay for the screens!"

she shouted.

'This guy is truly despicable. He didn't show any respect to me at all!' she thought to herself as she seethed with anger.

Robin ignored his daughter's tantrum. "Margaret, forget about the screens! You have to go now!"

he shouted in desperation. He did not know what to say to make his daughter behave at such a critical moment and it wasn't really the time to lecture her.

Zen did not even bother calming her down. There was no time to be gentle given the urgency of the situation. He just went directly to her and roughly grabbed her hand. "Let's go!"

He then immediately flew up and smashed her ceiling into pieces. Margaret's residence was made of wood and sturdy iron but it was reduced to nothing by Zen just like that!

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