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   Chapter 970 Take Action

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Everything happened so quickly. There were a few Ethereal City guards who were standing by the transmission array, but since they were only at the ultimate level of the Illuminating Soul Realm, they were slow to react to what was happening.

Destroying a transmission array wasn't something that would benefit a person, and it would be highly harmful to others. Because of that, under normal circumstances, no one would maliciously destroy one.

When the others saw the two Internal Elixir Realm warriors throw out the purple black bead, they immediately retreated to the side. After that, they saw that the bead emitted a fine line of lightning in the transmission array.

Then, the radiance of the lightning burst out, emitting an intense light as well as the power of space. At the same time, violent explosion rang out.

Clap! Clap!

At the moment of the ear-splitting explosion, the area around the transmission array was swallowed by the bright light. The warriors who were queuing up and the guards that were standing by the transmission array were instantly annihilated. They didn't even have the time to scream before they met their doom.

"They have destroyed the transmission array!"

"This is the Space and Thunder Bead! It contains the Thunder Law and the Space Law. It can completely destroy the space channel!"

"Why did they destroy the transmission array? What is their goal?"

The warriors who had a considerable distance from the site of explosion had already cried out in alarm, and had started to theorize what had happened.

It wasn't easy to destroy a transmission array. Once it was built, the entire space channel would be very stable. Even if the base of the transmission array was destroyed, the space channel would not be damaged. All they needed to do was to rebuild the base.

However, the Space and Thunder Bead was different. The transmission array was something that wouldn't be easily destroyed, but the said bead was specially designed for destroying it. The power of thunder and lightning contained within the bead would destroy its base. However, the worst thing about it was the power of space contained within it because it had the ability to mess up the space channel in the transmission array, and if that happened, the space channel could no longer be rebuilt.

After the two Internal Elixir Realm warriors had succeeded, another transmission array leading to Oracle City, which was one mile away, was also destroyed. By then, the two ways leading to Cloudy City and Oracle City had been ruined.

"What… What is going on?"

"I think I understand! These people are most likely from the Heavenly Evil Sect!"

"They destroyed transmission arrays, so that the Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance won't be able to lend a helping hand. It's very likely that Eddie is about to launch an attack."

It was only a matter of time before people started identifying the reason for the attacks.

Ethereal City had already done its best to prepare for such scenarios in adva

rld of warriors. Whoever was the most powerful would keep the treasures for themselves. It was just the law of the jungle. If the independent warriors were in the sect warriors' position, they would undoubtedly do the same.

As Eddie had fully raised the morale of the troops, none of them thought deeply about what Eddie really wanted.

"Very good! Then today will be the day the Ethereal Spirit Sect is destroyed!" Eddie roared coldly.

Just then, a figure flew out from the Divine Kingdom Army. It was a white-faced scholar-like man at the middle level of the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

He held an ancient folding fan in his hand. As the folding fan unfurled, everyone saw the word "Darius" written on it.

He was the military adviser of the Divine Kingdom Army. He used to be an independent warrior and was quite famous in the south of the Central Region. However, he had offended the people from the Mysterious Luna Hall, so his family was killed by them.

Darius had stayed hidden all these years, and when he heard that Eddie was about to found a divine kingdom, he knew that his chance had come.

From his point of view, whether Eddie could build a divine kingdom or not was not important. What was important was that he would be able to take advantage of Eddie's power to destroy the Mysterious Luna Hall. In a sense, both of them were using each other for their own personal gains.

"I just received news that the young lady from the Xi Family is not in the Ethereal Spirit Sect. Instead, she is in Ethereal City," Darius said faintly.

"Oh?" Eddie's eyes narrowed. "It seems like Xander really doesn't take me seriously. Well, I think that means I should go to Ethereal City!"

"The two transmission arrays in Ethereal City have already been destroyed. However, I'm afraid that the Xi Family prefers death over dishonor," Darius said.

Eddie frowned, a cautious look on his face. Darius was right. The Xi Family wouldn't give him the girl with a Purple Power Body without an intense fight.

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