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   Chapter 969 The Transmission Arrays Of The Ethereal City (Part Two)

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Naturally, she also understood that if she were to fall into Eddie's hands, Zen's sister would be in great danger.

However, despite her understanding of the situation, Margaret still couldn't forgive Zen. She would not let him off so easily after having treated her so rudely, and in front of her family! Margaret was proud by nature. Reining in her resentment, she wore a stoic expression in her face and said, "Well then. Even if you are that Zen, you be sure that I will pay back your rudeness in full some time in the future," she said, her voice still laced with anger.

Zen merely gave her a brief smile. "I'll wait," he replied calmly.

Robin let out a sigh of relief from the side, grateful that the tension had not exploded into full-blown hostility. "Since you've already made your decision, then it's fine. In fact, the leader of Cloud Hall has already invited Margaret, to keep her away from here, but this child is so stubborn that she has kept on refusing to go to Cloud Hall," he said, letting out another huff of air. Then, he added, "It's already noon, and the servants have finished preparations for lunch. You can set off after you eat."

A transmission array connecting the Ethereal City and the Cloudy City allowed for a direct passage, so going from there to Cloud Hall would be no trouble at all.

Zen gave them a slight bow and said politely, "I am grateful for your kindness!"

All of them moved towards the dining room, except for one figure. Margaret stalked off to the other direction, leaving behind with only one sentence. "I'm not going to eat with this man. I'll be out after lunch!" she declared, then walked away.

A wry smile appeared on Robin's face. He turned to Zen and said apologetically, "Please forgive her. My daughter has always been like this."

Margaret's hostile attitude did not matter one

nd ignoring the rules, but so what? Some of us have more important jobs to do. What? You want to fight us?"

The other warriors fell silent at their intimidation. Most of them warriors were nature creatures, of which only a handful had reached the Illuminating Soul Realm, while the two warriors cutting in line were at the Internal Elixir Realm. There was too great a gap between the two groups. Provoking the two warriors further would only result to the other group's loss.

The silence of their surrender only served to fan the two warriors' insolence. "That's right. You lot should know your place. Weigh your own strength before you sputter out your nonsense!" they jeered.

A quiet discontent settled over the crowd as the line slowly moved forward. The transmission arrays flashed white every time someone entered the space channel. As the two Internal Elixir Realm warriors approached one of the transmission arrays, one of them said in a lazy tone, "Alright, let's do it!"

The other person threw back a haughty glance to the others behind, as if challenging them to stop him. Then, he took out a purple-black bead from his chest and threw it towards the transmission array. The next moment, they both abruptly retreated.

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