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   Chapter 968 The Transmission Arrays Of The Ethereal City (Part One)

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A myriad of emotions crossed through Margaret's face as she looked at Zen. "Tell me your name!" she demanded through gritted teeth.

Margaret rarely left her home, but she was more or less well-informed about the young elites of the Central Region. She had not participated in the Martial Arts Contest of Oracle City two years ago, but she had lent Brent a hand in studying and forming strategies against his potential opponents.

This man in front of her was undoubtedly young, and yet he had already reached the Virtual Tribulation Realm. He was no ordinary warrior.

Earlier, Robin had sent word for her to go out to meet him, but without telling her anything about this man. Conflict had immediately arisen between her and Zen at their first contact, leaving no space for Robin to properly introduce them to each other.

"Why? So you can find an opportunity to take revenge afterwards?" Zen asked with a smile, seemingly unaffected by her obvious aggression.

"That's right!" Margaret answered him quickly and without any trace of hesitation. She had no intentions of hiding anything. Granted, she was only a beginner of the Internal Elixir Realm, but she had the Purple Power Body. Once she had trained enough, her strength would be unmatched. A cultivator with the Purple Power Body would be able to stay in the Purple Power World for a period of time after reaching the Internal Elixir Realm. The length of the duration would increase more and more by cultivating herself to the Virtual Tribulation Realm. Finally, it would then be possible to summon the 99 billion huge swords and the true spirit from the Purple Power World. However, the cost of such power would be extremely high.

Marilyn had previously tried to summon the true spirit upon her encounter with Zen at the Martial Arts Contest. According to the cyan dragon's words, if Marilyn had b

if there was a chance, she would like to meet this Zen and see just what kind of person he was. However, after his journey to the Immortal Mist's celestial tomb, Zen had disappeared.

Brent himself, who had participated in the journey, presumed him dead.

Margaret had always regarded this as a pity. Now, she had lost all chances of ever meeting the man that her younger brother had endlessly talked about.

She eyed him from head to toe as he stood before her in the flesh. He was most likely around 20 years of age, as he was only 18 years old two years ago. The man in front of her matched that description, but was he that same Zen? Hadn't he died in the celestial tomb? How come he was here in their midst?

Brent blinked his eyes at his sister and sighed. "Yes, sister, he's exactly that Zen."

At that moment, the reason of his appearance dawned on her. She now understood why Zen had offered her two difficult choices. No one in the Central Region was unaware of the fate that had befallen Yan, his sister. Eddie had her in his grasp. Some of Margaret's irritation slowly dissipated and was replaced by quiet respect as she realized that Zen would stop at nothing to save his sister. He would sacrifice everything, if necessary.

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