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   Chapter 967 At Death's Door

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Zen was not joking. His sister, Yan Luo, was truly the most important person in his life.

Margaret was like Marilyn—their mere existence was a threat to Yan. Marilyn had set herself against Zen, so he had no choice other than to kill her. Margaret, however, was completely innocent.

However, regardless of whether Margaret was innocent or not, Zen still could not tolerate Yan being threatened. That was why he had decisively told Margaret that she could either follow him back to the Cloud Hall or be killed. It was that simple.

Unsurprisingly, when Zen told Margaret this, she was stunned.

Ever since she could remember, she had been considered the smartest girl around. Apart from Brent, she was the youngest in her generation and was the most beloved daughter of the family. Even Xander, who seldom came back to the Xi Clan's castle, was fond of her. Every time he came back, he would ask Margaret to meet him.

Since Xander was in charge of the Ethereal Spirit Sect, he had rarely shown up in the Xi Clan's castle. Even if Robin wanted to meet him, planning for it would be a real pain. But despite his frequent absence, Xander had always been fond of Margaret, his great-granddaughter. At this critical moment, he was actually willing to send Brent to accompany Margaret because he knew of the good relationship between the two of them.

One could only imagine how much Xander had doted on her.

It was also because of this that the members of the Xi Clan chose to tolerate her behavior again and again, even giving her ample time to choose the man she was going to marry. They had already waited for so long, yet she still had not picked anyone she liked.

If she was only a random girl from some branch of the Xi Clan, the members of the clan might have already married her off to someone, by hook or by crook.

Considering all the love that she had received from the people around her since she was very young, Margaret didn't expect that this man in front of her would be so insolent towards her, even daring to threaten that he would kill her if she refused to leave with him.

Robin and Brent were also stunned. They could tell that Zen was not joking. As for the other members of the Xi Clan, such as Margaret's seniors, their expressions significantly darkened after Zen's remarks.

Although everyone was having a headache about Margaret's marriage, they wouldn't dare force her to marry someone. So how dare an outsider come to the Xi Clan's territory and think that he could treat Margaret like that!

Brent frowned. Although he was an adopted son, he and Margaret had grown up together since they were young. The two of them were even closer than those related by blood. How could Zen threaten to hurt Margaret?

Just as Brent was about to speak up and push Zen away from Margaret, Robin waved his hand and stopped him.

With a confused expression, Brent turned to look at Robin. Margaret was Robin's daughter. Wasn't he worried about her safety at all?

Although Brent felt fully puzzled, he chose to stay put and shut up.

Margaret was Robin's youngest daughter. How could he not worry about her safety? Howe

e and death.

'Why won't Dad save me? Why won't he make a move? Why are the members of the Xi Clan staying still?' she thought, tears already pooling in her eyes. Finally, she began to panic. In this situation, her survival instinct kicked in, and she began to struggle.

"Dad! Save me!"

But this did not lessen the hold of Zen on her neck. Slowly, her voice became shrill and colored with fear.

As much as it was hurting him, Robin had no intentions of moving, and looked as if he hadn't heard her.

The malicious aura released by Zen was still rising. At the same time, he also released a portion of his soul pressure. Margaret definitely wouldn't be able to block Zen's soul pressure. If the pressure was too great, she might pass out immediately, so Zen didn't release much of it. However, he made sure that it was enough for her to feel that the threat that he was posing against her was constantly increasing.

"Are you sure you still want to choose death?"

Zen asked, his voice deep and demonic. As he stared at the young girl in front of him, he thought of how he did not like being an evil person. The girl he was choking looked very beautiful and soft, so usually, men would feel like protecting her, even if it was the first time they had seen her. Zen was no exception to that. However, he valued his sister more.

Margaret's lips were turning pale. When Zen's malicious aura and soul pressure slightly lessened, she immediately said, "I...I choose to go with you!"

After that proclamation, all of Zen's malicious aura was instantly poured into the Killing Sword Mountain. At the same time, his soul pressure disappeared without a trace. Margaret was put down, and immediately, she took a deep breath and then panted heavily.

Seeing Margaret act like this, the members of the Xi Clan, including Robin and Brent, felt their hearts ache for her, but they were forced to do nothing.

Margaret was like a frightened little bird as she stared at Zen, great fear in her eyes. She chose to give in in the face of death, and at the same time, she had developed a deep hate for Zen.

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