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   Chapter 965 A Visit (Part Two)

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"This...have they all come here to vie for the chance to marry Miss Xi?" At the realization of this, Zen, who was standing beside the line, smiled in mild amusement. It seemed that Xi Clan had become really anxious. But he had heard that this contest had been going on for a long time now. He didn't know why Miss Xi was being so picky. Was her heart lofty than the sky itself? There were so many suitors, so why the hell had she not found one to her liking? Zen wondered.

"Hey, you newcomer! For the marriage contest? Line up at the back! A servant of the Xi Clan, upon seeing Zen standing away from the line, pointed at him and harshly scolded him. This servant probably thought that Zen was going to cut in the line.

Zen was not angry at all. This servant was just an ordinary person and naturally could not tell Zen's cultivation level. As for the other martial artists in the line, their expressions changed when they noticed that Zen's cultivation level was at the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

'The man has stepped into the Virtual Tribulation Realm at such a young age. Which sect is he from?' they wondered.

On the Sea God Continent, it was not uncommon for a warrior of Zen's age to become a war lord. For example, if Cheryl, Olivia and several other cultivators wanted to break through, they could achieve the same through hard training in the Tower of Sin.

The speed of improving one's cultivation in the Tower of Sin was far greater than what the outside world could measure up to.

However, in the Central Region, reaching the Illuminating Soul Realm at this age was indeed surprising. Unless the big sects put in a lot of their resources to cultivate some talented disciples, people might never achieve this f

tion was way too loud, it immediately alarmed the numerous warriors who'd lined up to propose marriage.

Many of the warriors also walked over with puzzled faces.

"Did you hear that? That brat said he was Zen Luo. Is that the same Zen Luo from the Cloud Hall?"

"Isn't he supposed to be dead? For the past two years, there has been no news of him at all. It was as if he had disappeared into thin air all of a sudden!"

"Honestly speaking, I think it's quite possible that he is really Zen Luo. Other than him, who else can step into the Virtual Tribulation Realm in just two years? Oh, right! There is also one, Brent, Ethereal Spirit Sect's divine-level talent…"

The steward of the Xi Clan looked at Zen in a daze, and then he asked cautiously, "You.. Are you really Zen Luo?"

Zen smiled faintly. "Yes, I am."

"Alright, I'll pass on your message. Please wait a moment!" With that, the steward dashed into the castle as fast as he could, as if he was flying. Although this steward suspected Zen's identity, it was not up to him to judge whether his claim was true or not. The master of the Xi Clan would come to a conclusion on his own.

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