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   Chapter 964 A Visit (Part One)

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After Brent had finished laughing to his heart's content, his face turned serious once more as he spoke, "Today, in the Ethereal Spirit Sect, my master told me that he is not going to just let you continue to act however you please!"

The master Brent was speaking of was the leader of the Ethereal Spirit Sect, Xander.

If it wasn't for Xander, how could anyone tolerate Margaret's extremely obstinate behavior?

Even though Xander always tolerated his wishful great granddaughter and let her get away with everything, the people of the Ethereal Spirit Sect and the Ethereal City criticized him severely for that. The situation was becoming very grave and it was time he prioritized the overall situation over her. All he had to do was sacrifice a girl of the Xi Clan. And in any case, the girl had to get married, and there were so many young talented men for her to choose from!

"Did great grandpa really say that?" Upon hearing Brent's words, a trace of sadness appeared across her face.

Brent was a year younger than Margaret, but since he was still training in the Ethereal Spirit Sect, his thoughts were more mature than that of the latter. To comfort her, he told her, "Margaret, the master is under a lot of pressure too these days. Judging by the current situation, I'm fairly certain that Eddie is planning to make a move any time now!"

"How dare he! Hang on! Look, our Ethereal Spirit Sect is the number one sect in the entire Central Region. If Eddie is really planning to make a move, he isn't going to attack this place first." Margaret was initially about to rise up in anger but her thought seemed to calm her down.

Brent smiled helplessly and asked, "Why do you think that he won't attack the Ethereal Spirit Sect? The top three powers in the Central Region are the Ethereal Spirit Sect, the World Commercial Alliance, and the Cloud Hal

er teeth and made a decision. "If that's the case, I will prepare a poison. If Eddie really comes, I will take the poison and commit suicide."

In the end, Brent sighed and left the place with the other two servants.

The next day, in the earliest possible hour of the morning, a young man dressed in a green robe appeared on the square in front of the castle of Xi Clan. It had been very late when he had arrived at the Ethereal City yesterday. So he had stayed for a good night's rest before going to the castle of Xi Clan. When dawn finally began to show in the morning, he immediately traveled halfway across the Ethereal City towards the castle.

Just as he arrived at the square in front of the gate of the castle, he saw numerous people line up there. The line was so long that it looked like a long dragon that extended hundreds of feet from head to tail. There were over a hundred people in the square.

There were all kinds of people in the crowd. There were strong and sturdy men, and scholarly men who were dressed up elegantly and with refined manners. As for their cultivation levels, they varied greatly. There were common people without any cultivation base at all, and also powerful warriors from the Internal Elixir Realm.

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