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   Chapter 963 Margaret Xi (Part Two)

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At that moment, a series of knocks came from the door of the small courtyard.

Upon hearing this, the young lady frowned and rolled her eyes. At first, she was unwilling to get up and open the door, but the person kept on knocking, as if he himself was unwilling to stop unless she opened the door. And with that, she took a deep breath, and said, "Come in!"

The gate to the courtyard was pushed open, and three people entered. The one in the lead was a young man whose eyes were very bright. He had a faint smile on his face. Quickly, he moved towards the young girl, passing through the screen. When he came upon her, he said sweetly, "Margaret." His eyes were twinkling.

The young lady opened her eyes, looking morose. She stared angrily at the young man and said, "Brent, can you walk normally?"

This young man, whose full name was Brent Xi, was a divine-level talent from the Ethereal Spirit Sect. He became a member of the Xi Clan by virtue of adoption. Since he grew up in the Xi Clan's castle, he had a very close relationship with everyone in the clan, but especially with the young lady in front of him.

Brent smiled as he put a bunch of scrolls in front of the young lady. Giggling like a child, he said, "I've received so many scrolls today!"

When the young lady saw the scrolls, she became even angrier. The life vitality in her hand fluctuated, and then a blazing flame shot out. Soon enough, all the scrolls in front of her were in danger of catching fire.

When Brent noticed what Margaret was trying to do, he pointed at the space in front of him and it suddenly distorted. Although Margaret was shooting the fire directly towards the scro

et. How could they not be nervous and upset?

A while ago, they found out that a spy from the Heavenly Evil Sect had sneaked into the city. They said that the Heavenly Evil Sect members had set their eyes on Margaret Xi, which caused the entire Ethereal City to be in an uproar. Rumor had it that the Heavenly Evil Sect was planning to attack the Ethereal City just to get to Margaret Xi.

The few big clans of the Ethereal City immediately went over to the Xi Clan's house in hopes that the Xi Clan had already found a man for Margaret Xi to get married to as soon as possible. Amidst the high-tension nature of their predicament, everyone still talked to the members of the Xi Clan about this matter in a friendly way because of Xander. Without him, they would have immediately taken Margaret Xi away.

To put it bluntly, there were only two ways for Margaret Xi to choose to resolve the problem—she either could marry someone as soon as possible or she had to be killed. Under no circumstance could she be caught by Eddie.

With those as their only choices, the whole Xi Clan started to feel pressured.

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