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   Chapter 962 Margaret Xi (Part One)

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The Xi Clan was a large, noble clan in the Ethereal City. In the olden times, however, the city only considered it as a second-grade clan. At that time, the whole city didn't view the Xi Clan as a big family. After all, the Ethereal City had thousands of years of history, and there were many third-grade clans.

But ever since a member of the Xi Clan became the leader of the Ethereal Spirit Sect, the Xi Clan's status had exponentially risen, and it became a part of the third-grade clans in Ethereal City.

The Xi Clan had almost ten thousand members, and they all l

passed it!"

A young dame of such an influential, noble clan had a higher status than that of a princess in the mortal world, so when the Xi Clan started looking for a husband for her, it was considered as a major matter in the Ethereal City. It was on everyone's mouth.

In a quiet small courtyard of the Xi Clan's castle, a sixteen-year-old lady was sitting upright under two jasper screens. She was cultivating herself.

The young lady was dressed in white clothes with two light green ribbons hanging from her shoulders. Her fair and beautiful face was stunning.

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