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   Chapter 962 Margaret Xi (Part One)

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The Xi Clan was a large, noble clan in the Ethereal City. In the olden times, however, the city only considered it as a second-grade clan. At that time, the whole city didn't view the Xi Clan as a big family. After all, the Ethereal City had thousands of years of history, and there were many third-grade clans.

But ever since a member of the Xi Clan became the leader of the Ethereal Spirit Sect, the Xi Clan's status had exponentially risen, and it became a part of the third-grade clans in Ethereal City.

The Xi Clan had almost ten thousand members, and they all lived in the Xi Clan's castle, which lay in the east of the Ethereal City.

At dusk, the lanterns at the gate of the Xi Clan's castle would illuminate everything around it. Since the lanterns relied on the life vitality to emit light, the low-grade life vitality crystals were put in them, and they had been able to light up the lanterns for years now. A low-grade life vitality crystal was not cheap and readily available for everybody, and so an ordinary family would not be able to afford it.

The light from the lanterns of the Xi Clan were outlining the walls of the entire castle. The sight was magnificent, and the common folk couldn't help but admire the scenery of the night. They were amazed by the extreme wealth of the Xi Clan.

At night, groups of people would stroll around the square in front of the Xi Clan's house or lean onto the railing of the bridge. Some people chatted casually and some admired the lanterns. It was the brightest place in the entire Ethereal City.

It was also because of this that many vendors had come to the area to set up stalls to sell all kinds of stuff, such as needlework and all kinds of small,

! I'm afraid that I'm not good enough to even be a remote match for her," the man, who had the surname of Han, responded as he slowly shook his head.

"Well, you seem to have a clear estimation of yourself. There are no less than a thousand young men who have gone to the Xi Clan's castle. Some of them are even heaven-level talents. And those men are only in their twenties and thirties, but they have a very high cultivation base already! But you know what? Every one of them was rejected! The young lady has a very particular taste about men and not one of them has passed it!"

A young dame of such an influential, noble clan had a higher status than that of a princess in the mortal world, so when the Xi Clan started looking for a husband for her, it was considered as a major matter in the Ethereal City. It was on everyone's mouth.

In a quiet small courtyard of the Xi Clan's castle, a sixteen-year-old lady was sitting upright under two jasper screens. She was cultivating herself.

The young lady was dressed in white clothes with two light green ribbons hanging from her shoulders. Her fair and beautiful face was stunning.

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