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   Chapter 961 Miss Xi

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The warriors were incredibly dumbstruck at the sight of the supreme life vitality crystal in front of them.

Even if they were warriors in the Illuminating Soul Realm, a supreme life vitality crystal was still a massive fortune for them.

Not everyone was as good as Zen when it came to making money. He was very capable and this was evident back in the Eastern Region when he used heavenly essence to easily earn cubic crystals. After his arrival in the Central Region, Zen delved into learning the technique of drawing divine textures. Now, given his high level of skill, any sect would be willing to pay whatever rate he provided just for him to set up a sect protecting array for them.

A third-grade sect like Fish Dragon Sect did not even have the right to ask him for such a favor…

One of the warriors swallowed thickly, "But… it's too much,"

he stammered.

"After paying the bill, the rest will be yours," Zen told them.

Their eyes sparkled with excitement, "R-Really?!"

Zen nodded in confirmation. The amount he offered them would surely be enough.

However, to his surprise, the warriors shook their heads. It was too good to be true from their perspective. To offer them something so precious like the supreme life vitality crystal for so little either meant Zen was baiting them or he was an idiot. Zen was certainly not an idiot.

Zen sighed at their hesitation. "I don't have any requests. I just want to hear about Miss Xi's story," he said. "Tell me and the supreme life vitality crystal is yours."

One of the warriors blinked doubtfully, "Is that really all?"

he asked.

Zen nodded. "Yes."

A strange expression appeared on the warriors' faces. One of them leaned forward. "You just arrived in Ethereal City, right?" he asked Zen.

"Yes, I just arrived."

"No wonder you wanted to know!" the warrior remarked. "It's not really a secret, almost everyone in Ethereal City is talking about it right now."

Zen frowned, "Don't tell me…" he said faintly. "Does this Miss Xi actually have the extremely rare Purple Power Body?"

The warrior's eyes widened. "Oh, you knew about it already?"

Zen's gaze flickered. "I just guessed." This new piece of information he had obtained certainly made the situation extremely troublesome. His biggest weakness was his sister, Yan. Except for that, nothing else would make him a bundle of nerves. Back when he was only at the Illuminating Soul Realm, he had managed to kill Marilyn and delay Eddie's plans, thus, keeping his sister relatively safe for the time being. Who would've thought another Purple Power Body would appear here in Ethereal City?

"Miss Xi does possess the Purple Power Body," the warrior confirmed. "She has been targeted by Eddie and everyone in the Ethereal City has been panicking. We figure that it's only a matter of time before he leads his Heavenly Evil Sect to attack us."

Despite Eddie declaring his sect as the Heavenly Evil Divine K

void talking about such things with him and Zen had come to realize that the customs between races were very much varied.

Zen was greatly troubled, "We should at least find a man."

Lavender suddenly pointed a slender finger at him.


Zen quickly shook his head. "No. No, I can't!"

Lavender blinked her eyes and pouted. "Then what do you want to do?"

she blinked her eyes and asked.

"Let's wait and see first," he said. It was a rather complicated situation given Miss Xi's status. He wondered what Xander was going to do to solve this. Would he just continue to let his great-granddaughter act like this until Eddie finally came to take her away?

He didn't know that Xander was, in fact, also very troubled!

News about his great-granddaughter possessing a Purple Power Body had spread and there was no way to stop it.

In the past, such news would be received very happily by the clan. However, these were sensitive times with the threat of Eddie hanging over their heads. He just happened to be short of a Purple Power Body for him to successfully set up the Lustful Demon Array.

Both leaders of the Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance shared his concern and had already successively urged Xander to marry off his precious great-granddaughter.

Xander was trying his best. He had even suggested for the clan's master to use domestic discipline to punish her into relenting. However, it was hopeless. No amount of coaxing or threatening could get his great-granddaughter to yield. Her strong personality made her extremely obstinate and she claimed that she would rather die than marry someone she did not like.

It was probably because of reading all those romantic novels. It made her obsessed with the idea of true love. Xander was an old man. He couldn't possibly understand what went on in his teenage great-granddaughter's head.

In any case, she had to be married off right away. Otherwise, they would all be doomed!

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