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   Chapter 960 The Unexpected Information (Part Two)

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The Moon Pavilion was not spectacularly large or tall like other establishments due to it being only three stories high. However, it was directly adjacent to the limpid river, and the scenery one could see if he happened to take a glimpse at it was extremely beautiful and elicited feelings of tranquility. Since ancient times, many people had turned up in this pavilion to recite poems. Thus, the Moon Pavilion had a first-class reputation as people spent a lot of money and time enjoying themselves there.

Once Zen had randomly ordered a few simple yet elegant dishes, Zen looked into the distance, leaning his head on his hand absent-mindedly. Inside the pavilion, there were a handful of scholars shaking their heads and chanting an old song at the tables beside where he sat. When they were in high spirits, they picked up the chopsticks located on the table to beat the bowl from time to time. The men who beat the bowl seemed to be adept at beating it rhythmically, so the beating sound they made sounded pleasant.

Amused at the performance, Zen also found it interesting when he heard this and even clapped after they performed. Grateful for the attention, those people flashed Zen a quick smile.

As a matter of fact, most of the scholars situated in the Moon Pavilion were not warriors. At this time, Zen also sighed deeply, a little wistful at the thought that such a kind of ordinary life was also great and enjoyable in itself. Despite this, Zen ultimately understood that the path he had chosen for himself, a warrior, was something intrinsically valuable and there was no reason for him to retreat.

From the first day he had started to pursue and cultivate the martial arts, he was destined to struggle against the heaven, the earth, and everything in between. Even though he thought it was possible for him not to reach the land of promise even if he kept on cultivating himself, he understood that he was definitely falling into the everlasting perdition if he retreated now.

While the scholars busied themselves with playing and singing at the same time, several warriors walked in the pavilion. Apparently, these particular set of warriors were all at the Illuminating Soul Realm, and they i

s original place. With their expressions visibly brightening and their eyes lighting up with undiluted surprise, they all instantaneously believed that they had just encountered a master.

As for the group of warriors who were drinking the wine and enjoying themselves in their table, they were also reasonably startled by the sudden appearance of Zen. With a hard look, one of them glared at Zen and asked, "Hey, what was that for?"

"Clank!" Without breaking eye contact, Zen passively dropped a supreme life vitality crystal onto the table. With a serious tone, Zen immediately said, "I'll pay for the wine and food."

The moment the warriors laid their eyes upon the glistening supreme life vitality crystal, they found themselves gasping and unable to look away from it. Everyone was well-aware of the fact that the prices of the food in the Moon Pavilion were awfully expensive, and an average person could definitely not be able to afford it. Nevertheless, it was possible for a warrior to dine there, as one or two low-grade life vitality crystals would be sufficient enough to pay for consuming food in the pavilion for half a month.

Astonishingly, this supreme life vitality crystal that Zen casually threw out was more or less equal to about a million low-grade life vitality crystals. In other words, with this exceptional supreme life vitality crystal, Zen could book the entire Moon Pavilion and have extravagant meals there every day for several years.

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