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   Chapter 959 The Unexpected Information (Part One)

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Despite the fact that Zen was only at the Virtual Tribulation Realm as of now, Master Xiao knew the relationship between him and Letitia all too well.

It was promising that Zen might eventually become the core leader of the Cloud Hall. Furthermore, Master Xiao wanted to have a chance to ask Zen for help in arranging a sect-protecting array. However, he encountered some dilemmas in doing so. First, it was difficult for him to turn to Zen for help. Second, he was not related to Zen in any way and he was also not his friend. Then again, it was fortunate that he was able to become acquaintances with him, and he therefore promised himself that he would be able to find a better opportunity to speak up next time.

All of a sudden, a purplish black stream of light rapidly flew across the sky. Within the span of mere seconds, it had already traveled several miles.

Even though Zen's moving speed was extremely fast, it would still take him a couple of days to arrive at the Cloudy City. In order to reach the Cloudy City as soon as possible, he then planned to redirect his route. At the present, he was now heading towards the Ethereal City as his first stop, the big city to the east of the Central Region, instead of the Cloudy City itself.

In reality, the Cloudy City was built with the support of the Cloud Hall, while the Ethereal City relied on the sustenance of the Ethereal Spirit Sect. As for the headquarters of the World Commercial Alliance, it was located in the Oracle City. As a matter of fact, there was an even bigger sect behind every prosperous city.

Moreover, there were transmission arrays set up in these large cities that were accessible. If Zen could use them to pass through the Ethereal City this time around, it would take him a significantly less time to get to the Cloudy City.

After two days had passed by, Zen successfully arrived in the air above the ancient city.

If the Oracle City was considered to be the most prosperous city in the entire Central Region just because of the World Commercial Alliance, then the Ethereal City would be regarded as the most ancient city in the Central Region. This was due to the fact that the Ethereal Spirit Sect had a much longer history than that of the World Commercial Alliance.

As Zen approached the Ethereal City and hovered ab

token from inside the ring and bringing it up for every one of them to see. The disciple card that Zen acquired after joining the Cloud Hall seemingly gleamed in the sunlight.

Humming to himself, the armored warrior pretended to look over the token several times. Truthfully, he was not from the Cloud Hall, so how could he ever determine if the disciple card the young man had showed them was actually real or fake? However, even if he was putting on an act as he scratched his chin in fake contemplation, he still had to try his best to check it.

In fact, there were several stubborn independent warriors who were unwilling to join a sect and continued to live on their own terms. Despite of this, these same individuals also had to enter these large cities to deal with their things. Because of this, they had no choice but to entrust others to make counterfeit copies of the disciple cards of those sects.

After examining the token for a while, the armored warrior passed the disciple card back to Zen with an affirmative nod. As the group of armored warriors made way for Zen to pass through, Zen nodded as well before finally entering the Ethereal City.

In this ancient city, the streets that adorned the town, as well as their assorted delicacies, were all distinctive. Upon feasting his eyes on the unique structures and famous treats, Zen did not rush to the transmission array. Instead, he strode towards the famous Moon Pavilion in the Ethereal City as he planned to rest for a short while before continuing with his journey.

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