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   Chapter 958 Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom

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At the Sky Water Pavilion of the Fish Dragon Sect

Steam was curling upwards from a cup of tea. Ten maids were dancing gracefully to a soulful tone of music.

The head of the sect, whose surname was Xiao, was sitting on Zen's left side with a big smile on his face. He asked, "Zen, there is a rumor in the Central Region that you died in the celestial tomb. Now that you're here, all safe and sound, I am sure no one will ever believe that rumor again."

Zen didn't care about what people were saying about him. Instead, he directly asked in return, "You were saying there was a reason for the ambush? What was it?"

Xiao sighed deeply and replied, "Looks like you haven't been in the Central Region the last couple of years. You seem to be completely unaware of the situation here!"

"I came here for that very reason precisely," Zen replied seriously. It was true. If it weren't for his innate desire of finding out more about this region, he wouldn't have stayed in this third-grade sect!

Xiao nodded his head, and then continued, "After those fourth and fifth-grade sects visited the Mist Celestial Tomb and got back with treasures, the Central Region was quite peaceful for a while, though, and no problems were ever faced. That is, until about half a year later, when a new force suddenly rose from inside the Central Region itself. It was formed by Eddie and known as the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom."

Zen's expressions immediately took a serious turn at the news about Eddie. Eddie and Cloud Hall were his priorities. The former was highly related to Yan's fate while the latter was associated with Letitia. However, despite his concerns, Zen showed no outwards signs of worry and listened attentively without interrupting Xiao.

"It's Eddie's self-proclaimed kingdom. The warriors of our Central Region do not acknowledge it at all! However, that does not mean it is not causing troubles!" Xiao sneered.

When a sect reached the sixth grade, it was qualified to be termed a sacred place. In theory, a sacred place was still a sect only, just like the Purple Heart Sacred Place on the Sea God Continent. When Zen had been there, it was a sixth-grade sect, while the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place was a seventh-grade sect.

But establishing a divine kingdom was different, because the divine kingdom he created would belong entirely to Eddie alone! He could ascend to the throne of the kingdom just like an emperor!

From what Zen could reckon, Eddie had established the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom in the Central Region only to gain more power. He was aiming to force the various fifth-grade, fourth-grade, and even the remaining lower grade sects into bowing down in recognition of his power.

The warriors in the Central Region weren't going to let that happen.

As soon as Eddie had established the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom, all the sects had issued a joint statement, refusing to acknowledge the existence of his so-called Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom.

The point was that neither the World Commercial

d Eddie's history. He knew that Zen's sister, Yan, had fallen into Eddie's hands, so he understood why Zen was asking the question. "Not yet. It's said that every single person in the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom is looking for women with the Purple Power Body," Xiao answered immediately.

When he heard Xiao's words, Zen heaved a sigh of relief. This was what had been worrying him the most in the past two years.

It looked like luck was still on Zen's side.

Seeing the happiness on Zen's face, Xiao reassured him, "Don't worry. The Purple Power Body is so rare that it won't be easy to find one."

Zen nodded his head. Now that he had returned to the Central Region, the feud between him and Eddie was going to be settled once and for all.

"You said that you were still healing. I can provide you with a place to stay. My Fish Dragon Sect has all kinds of medicine," Xiao hastily added.

Zen smiled and declined politely, "That's all right. I'm only passing by here. Since I've returned to the Central Region now, I must hurry back to my area. Thank you for your hospitality. Now I must rush back to Cloud Hall."

After a long discussion with Xiao, Zen had managed to capture two pieces of information. Firstly, Cloud Hall was still safe and sound, and secondly, the third Purple Power Body hadn't been found yet. Zen was satisfied with these two pieces of news.

"Since you have important matters to attend to, I won't keep you." Xiao knew he couldn't stop Zen even if he wanted to. He stood up to send him off, and even summoned the three Virtual Tribulation Realm elders to escort Zen out of the Fish Dragon Sect.

After Zen had turned into a streak of light and disappeared into the horizon, Elder Yu asked in a sullen voice, "Master Xiao, why are you being so courteous to this kid?"

He knew of Zen's identity, but since Zen didn't have the slightest connection with Fish Dragon Sect, he couldn't understand why Xiao was so polite to him.

Xiao coldly snorted as he scolded, "What do you know!"

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