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   Chapter 957 Master Xiao

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That year, Zen had left without saying goodbye. Ever since Mist's celestial tomb had been opened, many top warriors of different sects had entered and obtained many golden opportunities, but many had also died. The sects in the Central Region had also undergone earth-shattering changes.

Zen had been the first one to pass through the Wheel of Fortune in the tomb. But when the other warriors returned to their sects, they found that Zen was missing.

No one knew whether he was alive or dead. The members of the Cloud Hall remained mum about Zen's whereabouts, keeping the outside world guessing. Because of this, a vast majority of warriors believed Zen to be dead.

Many warriors had relied on the enchanted lamps to enter the celestial tomb. Whatever had happened in the tomb could not be kept secret, and news of those unfathomable, terrifying things had reached far and wide. This meant that even Zen's death wasn't something that was hard to accept. After all, even the elders at the Virtual Tribulation Realm were bound to die. And Zen had only reached the Illuminating Soul Realm at the time.

"Why is there a rumor that I'm dead?" Zen said with a wry smile. He really shouldn't have left without saying goodbye. "Forget it. I want to see your leader."

"It doesn't matter whether you are Zen Luo or not. You're not a member of our sect, so you'd better leave," a different elder of the Virtual Tribulation Realm said, not interested in the identity of the man before him. Right now, the situation in the Central Region was so unpredictable that it demanded caution at every step from every member.

Bess said, "Elder Yu, Zen just saved our lives!"

"Bess, shut up! You three, come over here!" Elder Yu berated Bess. He then turned to Zen and said coldly, "Friend, the region is in chaos. If you don't leave now, don't blame me for being impolite."

Zen had come to the Fish Dragon Sect for one thing - for information about the Central Region. But he hadn't expected the elders of the Virtual Tribulation Realm to be so rude. His face darkened and he said coldly, "Your disciples tried to take my life while I was recuperating. I think I want to settle this debt with you."

"Don't cast wild aspersions on my disciples. They wouldn't do that!" Elder Yu retorted.

"Elder Yu..." Bess started, wanting to say something. But the moment she opened her mouth, Elder Yu snapped at her yet again. "Shut up!"

"Humph! I'm sure you came here to make trouble. Don't be so arrogant. The Fish Dragon Sect is a third-grade sect. You are only a warrior at the primary level of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. I wonder what gave you the confidence to do so!" another elder of the Virtual

t you report such a grave matter?"

Bess was shocked but she recovered enough to reply, apology written large on her face. "It was Elder Yu who didn't allow me to mention it. I tried to report it several times."

Master Xiao glared at Elder Yu before smiling kindly at Bess and saying, "Tell me everything in detail."

Master Xiao did not know the purpose of Zen's visit. But he wasn't the head of the Fish Dragon Sect for no reason. He was smart enough to surmise why Zen was here. There were only a few dozen Internal Elixir Realm warriors in the sect, and a majority of them always remained at home. The independent warriors were obstinate and unruly, so it was possible for them to do such a thing. But if the Fish Dragon Sect hadn't done what Zen claimed they had, Master Xiao would not stay quiet and allow Zen to make slanderous charges against them. But if Zen's claims turned out to be true, it would be a completely different story altogether.

Bess then recounted the incident when they had found Zen at the bottom of the sea, moved him onto a reef, encountered Elder Hu and were ambushed by the independent warriors.

Once Bess had finished talking, Master Xiao cast yet another glare at Elder Yu before addressing Zen politely, "Zen, it is indeed my sect's fault. I'm so sorry. Let's discuss the reason behind it in detail in my room."

Zen was actually curious as well. Although the Fish Dragon Sect was only a third-grade sect, it had made a name for itself in the Central Region. The people he saw earlier had exuded a deep killing intent, unlike ordinary sect disciples.

Zen wouldn't refuse Master Xiao's invitation. Moreover, Zen hadn't planned on bringing this up but he had to after the two elders of the Virtual Tribulation Realm had made things difficult for him.

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