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   Chapter 956 Fish Dragon Sect

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Bess had never killed anybody before. But she was ruthless when it came to the warrior who was taking advantage of her friend. She made the flying sword spin when it pierced through his chest, creating a big hole.


Barnard and his four companions had fought life-threatening battles over the years together. They had never failed due to their caution and strategic attacks. Who would have thought that one of them would be killed in the pursuit of these three girls?

Barnard roared and tried to get a hold of Bess so that he could torture her.

Bess had already stopped resisting; her face was filled with determination. She was already prepared to die as she knew she would never be able to defeat her powerful opponent.

But Barnard suddenly stopped in front of her as if he was frozen on the spot.

Bess heard an indifferent voice, "Use your flying sword to stab him again. Let's see if you can kill him."

She was slightly stunned. She looked around, but nobody was there. It looked like someone had cast a spell on the man in front of her. He stood there in a daze, not moving at all. This was a golden opportunity for her.

She did not hesitate the slightest bit. She summoned the flying sword back to her and thrust it towards Barnard's face.

Although Barnard couldn't move his body, he could still speak. "You stinking bitch! How dare you!" He was scared of Bess now. Her determined expression told him she was certainly going to kill him. "Who is it? Show yourself! You bastard!" he bellowed.

Zen's figure slowly appeared behind Bess. He looked at Barnard nonchalantly as if he was looking at a dead man.

When Barnard saw Zen standing there unharmed, he was filled with rage and shock. 'Wasn't this guy severely injured? He is just a warrior at the early stage of Virtual Tribulation Realm. Facing three warriors at the late stage of Internal Elixir Realm wouldn't have been easy for him. But where are the three elders? Are they all dead?' Barnard thought to himself.

'That can't be possible!'

Barnard's speculations ended as Bess' flying sword pierced through his head, leaving behind a trail of blood. The flying sword then fell powerlessly into the sea.

Bess turned around and saw that the man in front of her was the same one she and her companions had pulled out from the sea.

"Please hurry! Save my friends!" Bess had been nervous the whole time. After killing two warriors, she was on the verge of collapsing. Now that she was safe, she allowed her exhaustion to take over. She closed her eyes and passed out.

She came around after a long time. She propped herself on her elbows and saw both her friends lying beside

immediately went silent. Lavender's sudden appearance scared them, but it only lasted for a few seconds before the three surrounded Lavender and started bombarding her with questions.

"Sis, why is your skin so pale?"

"What material is your robe made of? Why does it seem like it is woven from tree leaves? But it's very robust!"

"Huh? Sis, why are your ears so sharp?"

Lavender rolled her eyes helplessly and said to Zen, "I can't help you anymore!" She then turned into spots of red light again and re-entered Zen's body.

Fortunately, the Fish Dragon Sect was built on a mountain near the sea. After flying over the sea, Zen noticed a large sect.

Although the Fish Dragon Sect was only a third-grade sect, it had quite a few disciples. There were enough disciples to occupy around a third of the Purple Heart Sacred Place.

This was also because there were too few humans on the Sea God Continent. Any decent sect in the Central Region had millions of disciples, and some large sects had tens of millions of disciples each, such as the Cloud Hall and the Ethereal Spirit Sect.

When they arrived at the entrance of the Fish Dragon Sect, several hundred streaks of light flashed out from the sect. These streaks of light came from the constant operation of the sect-protecting array.

Shortly after they arrived, two beams of light shot over to them. They were two warriors at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. One of them questioned Zen, "Who are you?"

Bess smiled and replied, "Elder Yu, this is Zen Luo from the Cloud Hall!"

"Zen Luo from the Cloud Hall?"

The two elders looked at each other in dismay. One of them had a confused expression. "Didn't Zen from the Cloud Hall already die? Why are you pretending to be him?" he asked warily.

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