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   Chapter 955 Fight Back

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When Zen's eyes opened, the expressions of the three warriors at the Internal Elixir Realm changed. Elder Hu shouted, "Quick! Kill him!"

All of the three knew that if they offended someone, it would be wise to eliminate that person. If they showed even the slightest bit of mercy, they would definitely face a lethal counterattack from the person.

Therefore, there was no hesitation on their faces at all.

Although Zen was about to face fierce attacks by the three warriors at the late stage of Internal Elixir Realm, he didn't move at all. He gently touched the space ring hanging on his chest. A long spear and spots of light appeared before him.

Lavender's tall and slender body instantly materialized and she cast a charming smile at the three warriors. She extended her hand to take the long spear. Her nimble wrist flicked the weapon lightly and it instantly lashed out.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The trio owned low-grade fairy weapons, which shattered immediately upon impacting with the spear.

As soon as he saw the mid-grade sacred weapon, Elder Hu had a feeling this wouldn't end well.

A low-grade sacred weapon was very valuable in the Central Region. There weren't many such weapons in the entire Central Region, but this woman even had a mid-grade sacred weapon.

And who the hell was this beautiful woman appearing out of nowhere? A sword spirit that had a real shape? It was hard for the three of them to fathom.

They didn't think they could deal with her.

The three warriors were already regretting their decision. But now that they had decided to kill Zen for his treasures, there was no use crying over spilled milk. If they were going to take his life, then they ought to be prepared to be killed in the fight too.

The trio had been through many trials and hardships together, so they had a tacit understanding among each other, especially in situations where the outcomes didn't look favorable. They quickly retreated in three different directions.

But Lavender didn't give them a chance to escape. The long spear in her hand shook lightly, and three invisible ripples of energy shot out. Warriors at the Internal Elixir Realm were only equal to level seven to level ten war generals on the Sea God Continent.

Moreover, these three warriors were from Fish Dragon Sect, a mere third-grade sect. They were far inferior to Olivia and Cheryl, who were both divine-level talents.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

Blood pooled on the backs of all three warriors. They didn't even have a chance to fight back. They fell into the sea like kites whose strings had been cut. Their blood turned the water red.

"Done!" Lavender said to Zen with a tri

easily to them. They had a lot of combat experience—something Bess could never match up. So when they came to blows, he was a tough opponent for her.

Barnard stepped aside, dodging the flying sword easily. He then moved forward and stood behind Bess. He rested his chin on her shoulder and blew a breath of air into her ear to tease her. He said softly, "Your cultivation level and strength are not bad, but it's a pity that your combat experience is zero. If you continue to control the flying sword like this, you'll never be able to stab me."

Bess was disgusted at his words. She struck him with her elbow. At the same time, she summoned the flying sword back to her. She thrust the flying sword backwards hoping to stab him.

Once again Barnard seemed to have preempted her attack. He took a small step aside and easily dodged it. He still hung close to her back like a ghost. This time, he even put his hand on her slender waist and said, "Bess, I already told you that you wouldn't be able to hurt me."

Bess' combat experience was weak, but her willpower was exceptionally strong. Now she was going all out.

Barnard loved to torture his prey, especially if it was this kind of a stubborn woman. He was still sticking close to her back, like a cat playing with a mouse before killing it.

But this time, Bess' flying sword did not miss. It stabbed a warrior who was standing not far away from her instead.

The man was laughing obscenely and tearing another girl's clothes apart. He was so engrossed in his disgusting act that he didn't see or hear the flying sword.

"Wray, be careful!" Barnard shouted. He did not expect Bess to suddenly attack someone else either. But his warning came too late. Bess' flying sword had already pierced through the man's chest.

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