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   Chapter 954 Evil Of Human Nature

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Barnard hesitated for a moment, but ultimately chose to retreat. The five warriors moved toward the surface of the water and quickly left the place.

Although Zen's eyes were closed, he knew clearly that he had just been targeted by five people at the Illuminating Soul Realm.

He was truly unlucky. Back when he entered the Sea God Continent for the first time, he had encountered a violent space windstorm and directly smashed onto the Heavenly Eagle Prairie. Now, when he returned, he had once again encountered a space windstorm.

Fortunately, Zen had already comprehended the second layer of the Space Law. Moreover, his cultivation had also improved, so he was a lot stronger than he had been before. Even though the second space windstorm was more intense than the first one, he wasn't seriously injured. However, a lot of power of space had permeated his body, and it was going to take a lot of effort to expel that power out of his body.

"These five people know their own limitations." Zen's eyes were closed as his pupils gently rolled under his eyelids.

Just then, he sensed three people approaching and furrowed his eyebrows. Didn't they say that there were very few signs of life in the Chaotic Ocean of Stars? Why were there so many people coming and going?

The three warriors who were getting closer to Zen had also reached the Illuminating Soul Realm. Once they got closer, they plunged into the water.

"Bess, I've found a Black Cyan Clam! It's right at the bottom of that reef!" Zen hadn't expected to meet three female warriors. They weren't independent warriors but inner disciples of the Fish Dragon Sect. However, the Fish Dragon Sect's trial at sea was not only for independent warriors. Even inner disciples had to complete the mission.

After the three girls took water-avoiding pills, they continued to swim in the sea. Dressed in feathered clothes and swimming agilely in the sea, they looked like three mermaids.

"Yes, there is a Black Cyan Clam hiding under the reef! First, we need to… Ahhh!" One of the girls was talking when she suddenly noticed that there was a person sitting beside the reef. Her scream didn't travel very far in the sea. Seeing the panicked expression on her face, the other two girls became curious. They followed her gaze and saw Zen, who was meditating at the bottom of the sea.

"How can there be anyone at the bottom of the sea? Is he dead?"

"Could it be that he's cultivating there?"

"It's so strange." "Wait a minute. Look. He seems to be meditating and recuperating. Is he injured?"

The three girls had great talents, but they came from a second-g

ter how serious his injuries are!"

At Elder Hu's command, the other two warriors directed their life vitality, ready to launch an attack on Zen.

Zen narrowed his eyes slightly and prepared to fight back. Suddenly, he heard a cry of surprise. The three female disciples had returned. "Elder Hu, what are you trying to do?" Bess asked.

Elder Hu snorted before turning to Barnard. "Since they have a death wish, I'll leave them to you!"

When Barnard and his friends heard Elder Hu's words, their faces immediately lit up. "Elder Hu, what do you mean by giving them to us?" Barnard asked.

"Do whatever you want with them.Kill them after you finish." Elder Hu knew what was going through Barnard's mind.

"Great!" Barnard and his friends were immediately filled with excitement. Ever since they had joined the Fish Dragon Sect, they had had to follow the sect rules and refrain from sleeping with women. Moreover, these three girls were at the Illuminating Soul Realm. It would be thrilling to have sex with them!

The five men charged toward Bess and the other two girls.

The three girls might be simple and naive, but they weren't idiots. They knew what would happen next if they stayed here.

"Let's go back! We have to tell our master!" An expression of ruthlessness crossed Bess's face. The three girls turned around and sped away on the surface of the sea.

The five men chased them with sinister smiles on their faces. "Go back? Do you think you'll have the chance to go back?"

At the same time, Elder Hu finally made his move. The moment he thrust his spear toward Zen, Zen's eyes shot open. He looked at the three warriors at the Internal Elixir Realm with a faint smile on his face, as if he was looking at three dead men.

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