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   Chapter 953 A Rare Treasure

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The turbulent waters of the sea constantly lapped against the reefs on the shore. The Chaotic Ocean of Stars had been raging for most of the year, as it had been like this for centuries.

There were countless fierce beasts lurking in this sea. Even the known warriors didn't dare to recklessly enter this sea, let alone ordinary fishermen. Only the really strong warriors dared to explore this sea. After all, there were many treasures hidden in the Chaotic Ocean of Stars, along with the countless corpses of warriors who died in the sea every year.

The Fish Dragon Sect was a third-grade sect. As it was located in the proximity of Chaotic Ocean of Stars in the far east, this sect had a much greater understanding of it than any other sects.

This sect had pinpointed several sea areas near the continent. They knew very well that although the Chaotic Ocean of Stars was very dangerous, it was relatively safe in the several sea areas they had circled. At least, seldom did powerful beasts appear out of these few sea areas. Every year at the onset of spring, the Fish Dragon Sect would send multiple disciples to the surrounding areas to improve their strength through a vigorous training.

The mission of the training was to kill a certain level-four beast in the water called "Black Cyan Clam". Although it wasn't very strong in terms of attack, its defensive power was terrifying. It wasn't an easy task to break the shell of the Black Cyan Clam.

After killing the Black Cyan Clam, the warriors would get a chance of discovering a treasure called "Black Spirit Pearl". It was a very precious material to refine pills, very popular in the markets of the Central Region. Its demand usually exceeded the supply. It was also one of the main sources of income for the Fish Dragon Sect.

In addition to the Black Spirit Pearl, the meat of the Black Cyan Clam was also a popular delicacy. After it was caught, it was dried and sold to the Central Region at very high rates due to its exclusivity.

Today was the day the disciples of the Fish Dragon Sect were starting their training. Over ten thousand disciples in the Illuminating Soul Realm flew along the sea level.

"Barnard! Our mission is to discover at least ten Black Spirit Pearls. If we don't complete the mission, we will be punished." The one who spoke was a man dressed in black from top to bottom. There was a black scorpion tattoo on the man's right cheek, granting him a gloomy aura.

In the surrounding seas, there were many dangers even for Illuminating Soul Realm warriors. This was why they always traveled in groups of three or four while entering the Chaotic Ocean of Stars.

The man who had spoken was among a group of five people. Finally, they began to hunt for the Black Cyan Clams. Compared to the other disciples of the Fish Dragon Sect, these five seemed to have a much stronger and malicious aura.

"My luck isn't so bad today! I think I've found something," said the warrior named Barnard, his eyes lit as he dove into the water below. The other two men looked at each other, then pulled out some water-avoiding pills from their pockets and took them at the same time. Soon, an

enced warrior. He vigilantly looked around to confirm that there were no other warriors in the surrounding sea before he flew over to the suspicious area. To be safe, he took out a water-avoiding pill and gulped it in an instant before diving deeper in the water.

They were all skilled divers. With the help of the water-avoiding pill, they sank to the bottom in no time.

Their faces were remarkably shocked once they reached the bottom and saw what was in front of them. They had thought they'd be met with a rare treasure, but what they found was an actual person!

"How could this man descend from the lightning?" A martial artist said through his life vitality.

Barnard stared at the man, shaking his head, trying to make sense of what he saw. Suddenly, his eyes landed on the space ring that hung from the man's chest. Immediately, a hint of greed appeared on his face. "He seems to be injured. How weird is it that he chose to meditate and heal in the water. Shall we..." said Barnard, exchanging glances with the others.

All their lives, they had survived by looting and killing in the surrounding seas. This wouldn't be the first time they would brazenly rob someone if they decided to do it.

Even though they were now disciples of the Fish Dragon Sect, it wasn't a big deal for them to occasionally go back to old habits and trades when no one was around. Moreover, even those large sects in the Central Region who prided themselves on being righteous were not completely clean and had done quite a few nasty things. It was a sad truth that the world of warriors was a cruel one.

"But his strength…" a warrior started to speak, staring at the man meditating at the bottom of the sea. Hesitantly, he continued, "Barnard, this man is a martial artist in the Virtual Tribulation Realm!"

Barnard's face too displayed hesitation and reluctance. Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors were not people they could fight against. Even though the man in front of them was severely injured, it would be a piece of cake for him to take the lives of all these Illuminating Soul Realm warriors in no time.

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