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   Chapter 952 Please Accept Me As Your Disciple

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It was the boy from the pasture, Craig.

When Zen had first arrived at the Sea God Continent, none of the herdsmen had dared to resist the ogres, but this boy, Craig, had stood bravely next to him, showing his determination to fight against the enemy.

Given his strength, Craig wouldn't stand a chance, but it took a lot of courage to stand his ground knowing that the outcome would be bad for him. He was the only one who had dared to take a step forward while all the other humans stood to one side and trembled in fear.

Now, Craig couldn't tell the cultivation levels of the people in front of him. It was said that war fighters could fly in the air, so they must be stronger than war fighters. However, Craig also knew that his guess wasn't accurate. His nomadic tribe had war fighters, but their auras weren't anywhere near as strong as the auras of the people in front of him.

'Perhaps even the weakest of them are war generals, ' Craig thought to himself.

He rushed forward with his sparkling eyes fixed firmly on Zen and knelt on the ground. "I-I'm a martial artist now. Please, please accept me as your disciple!"

Craig's sincere request caused all of the top-level war lords present, including Miguel and Amber, to laugh. In their eyes, this human boy was simple and adorable.

Hearing Craig's request, Zen shook his head. "I'm sorry. I don't accept disciples. What's more, I'm about to leave this place. Your cultivation is too low for you to be able to pass through the long-distance transmission array."

However, Craig was more persistent than Zen had imagined. Still kneeling, he said, "I'll follow you even if I have to risk my life."

"Ho-ho, this boy is so determined!" a top-level war lord said.

Craig had actually already begged Zen to accept him as his disciple when Zen had first arrived at the Sea God Continent, but Zen had refused at that time. And now, in the situation he was in, Zen couldn't establish his own clan, let alone accept disciples. Zen had no choice but to refuse Craig once again.

But Craig seemed to have no intention of standing up until his request was accepted.

At this moment, one of the top-level war lords of the human race said to Craig, "Clearly, he doesn't want to accept you as his disciple. How about being my disciple instead?"

Craig had just reached the bone refining level, so he didn't have the qualifications to join the Purple Heart Sacred Place. Even the simplest entrance exam would be hard for him to pass. Therefore, having a top-level war lord as his master would be considered a great honor for him.

It was obvious that

leave," Zen said as Lavender's figure turned into sword spirit and drilled into his body. Then, he turned around and bid farewell to everyone before stepping into the transmission array.

As Olivia watched Zen's figure disappear into the blazing white light, her eyes, which were filled with tender emotions, suddenly turned red.

She might have a lot of things to say to Zen, but it was already an extravagant request for her to send him off at a time like this. How would she even get the opportunity to speak to him alone? Besides, even if she had an opportunity, where would she start from? Could she say that she wanted to follow Zen into the transmission array? This was obviously impossible.

The light of the transmission array extended all the way into the distance until it reached the horizon. It drew a parabola in the sky and finally disappeared over the horizon.

Miguel looked at the light and said, "I wonder just where this transmission array will lead to."

"Perhaps in the future, we may be able to enter the transmission array too," Amber said indifferently.

The Sea God Continent was actually a very barren continent. In terms of wealth and area, it was far from the Central Region. However, a dozen sacred places were located on that continent, while the Central Region did not have a single sacred place.

The Tower of Sin was the reason for that. It was because of the existence of the Tower of Sin and the Dark Nether Cave that there were so many sacred places in the Sea God Continent.

As Zen sped through the space channel, thoughts raced through his mind. The Central Region was his main battlefield. He had finally returned after receiving training in the Sea God Continent for almost two years.

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