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   Chapter 951 Return To The Heavenly Eagle Prairie

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Back when Zen rescued Craig and his tribe from the ogres' pasture, he had taken them with him and handed them over to one of the forces of the human race. The ordinary herdsmen were able to assimilate into this group easily.

And now, Craig had also become a martial artist. He had also, surprisingly, reached the bone refining level.

The tribe had not forgotten Zen, though they now understood that he was a warrior rather than a god. After some interaction with other people of their race, the herdsmen no longer confined to themselves and had come to know the martial art world and the situation of the entire Sea God Continent.

But, even after opening their eyes to the reality outside of the pasture, they still regarded Zen as a kind of god or miraculous warrior sent by the heavens to save them

If it wasn't for him, they would still be living in that pasture, kept as food for the ogres.

"Where is he? Tell me quickly!" Craig asked earnestly as he shook the little girl's shoulder. The other herdsmen had also gotten out of their tents and gathered together after hearing what the little girl said.

However, Craig was already a martial artist at the bone refining level and his hands already contained great strength. The little girl's face immediately turned red with Craig shaking her violently.

"Craig, stop!" one of the herdsmen scolded. "She won't be able to speak if you shake her like that!"

Craig realized the sense in his fellow herdsman's words. He realized he was too excited and immediately released the little girl from his grip.

The little girl rubbed her shoulder and glared at Craig, She huffed before pointing towards a certain direction in the sky, "Over there! I saw him head towards there!"

The direction she pointed at was the exact same place that Zen had first appeared on this land which wasn't far from the pasture they had first come from. Although the entire Heavenly Eagle Prairie now belonged to the human race, the tribe still avoided that pasture because of all the bad memories.


The moment she pointed where she had seen him, Craig immediately shot out like an arrow. Since he had reached the bone refining level, he now had absolute control over his bones and could cross great distances with absolute agility.

The other herdsmen were also excited. They hadn't gotten the chance to thank Zen back then when he saved their lives.

These pastures belonged to the Purple Heart Sacred Place and everyone on the Sea God Continent knew of Zen's name. There was news of him every now and then but the herdsmen understood that, given the difference between their status, it would be extremely difficult for them to see Zen. They knew very well that, try as they might, they would never be able to set foot in the legendary Tower of

immediately drop everything and come to her aid.

Lavender nodded with a calm expression. "I see," she replied.

Yolande's colorful skirt fluttered in the air, "I hope your choice is correct," she said to Zen in a faint voice. "We will meet again one day!"

Until now, Yolande was still conflicted with her choice of handing over the Heavenly Fragment over to Zen. Although her stand was different from that of Mist, she understood that handing the fragment over to someone fated to lead the world of chaos was the best choice. However, serious disputes still existed among several lords in the Upper World. She was worried if Zen would one day stand on the opposite side against her.

Yolande's Soul Split Spell divided her soul all over the continent. Her main body had reached the peak of the Upper World. As long as Zen remained on the path of martial arts, he would meet with her again sooner or later.

Zen nodded at her words.

Then, the two top-level war lords took out supreme life vitality crystals and began to place them onto the massive transmission array. The transmission array consumed a large amount of supreme life vitality crystals but the Purple Heart Sacred Place had no problem bearing the cost.

At that moment, a figure appeared at the edge of the prairie and seemed to be running towards Zen at an extremely fast rate. It looked like the figure was a young man from the human race and over a hundred herdsmen followed behind him.

Esther calmly gazed at the approaching herd, "Hmm?" she remarked, dropping her guard once she realized that the human warrior was only at the bone refining level.

"Stop them," Miguel ordered. They weren't going to let a handful of herdsmen disturb them at such a crucial moment.

A few of top-level war lords were preparing to stop them. However, Zen waved his hand, "No, let them come to me."

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