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   Chapter 950 The Purge

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As the crowd looked at Maurice's ferocious expression, a single thought flashed through their minds: this guy was crazy!

Facing the frenzied Maurice, Esther and the others kept retreating. So did Zen.

In this way, Maurice was always under the Dark Nether Death Light.

Even though this area belonged to the periphery of the Dark Nether Cave and was quite far away from the Mad Scorpion, the power of the Dark Nether Death Light was still far from what a top-level war lord could resist.

Moreover, in this crazy state, Maurice didn't even activate his forceful energy to protect himself. He only wanted to fight Zen to death. The three spiritual altars in his body were already burning, so why would he care about his life? Maurice had no plan to live on at all!

Zen retreated at lightning speed, and everyone followed closely behind him. As for Maurice, the moment he rushed out from his hiding place, his skin began to burn under the Dark Nether Death Light.

As he sprinted forward, the skin on his body melted away, followed by his flesh and blood. His originally tall and sturdy figure gradually shrank, and his rough and brutal face melted away to reveal the skull underneath, making him look like a skeleton.


As Maurice howled in pain, his attacks became more and more ferocious, and he managed to charge into the orange light barrier.

At this moment, Zen's eyes flashed, and he waved his long sword.

"No Move!"

Just because the name of the move was "No Move" didn't mean that there wasn't a move. This move was completely controlled by Zen, and he could freely bring it into full play.

His sword attack contained a terrifying power. A raging sword intent roared and collided head-on with Maurice's fist light.

Cluck, cluck, cluck...

Maurice's body was almost burned to ashes by the Dark Nether Death Light. The flesh on his hands had completely disappeared, leaving only pitch-black bones behind. When his fist collided with Zen's sword light, his bones began to crack and fall away.


Zen shouted. He didn't cease his attack at all. The power of the dragon scales within his body erupted, forcing Maurice out of the light barrier.

Maurice raised his head and fell backward. His eyes were filled with a sense of helplessness. He had lost the battle! Just like a snowman under the scorching sun, he turned into a pile of bones that fell into the Dark Nether Cave.

Standing within the orange light barrier, Zen looked down in surprise. It had to be said that the ogres were indeed a battle race, and Maurice's plan had been very meticulous. Unfortunately, he had underestimated the complexity of the Dark Nether Cave as well as Zen's strength.

"So that's how it is," Esther said as she s

nown that as long as he tried his best, he wouldn't regret anything even if he couldn't become the strongest warrior one day.

Three months later, on the Heavenly Eagle Prairie, there were a few white clouds in the clear blue sky. The breeze blew occasionally. The sun was shining, but the weather was just warm enough for people to lie leisurely on the grass.

Hundreds of tents had been erected on the prairie. A few strong and sturdy men were sitting on big horses, driving the sheep forward with half of their shoulders bare.

The ogre race had been drastically weakening ever since their surrender. Originally, the Heavenly Eagle Prairie had been divided into three parts with the ogres, the Demon Night, and the humans occupying a third of the area each. But now, the entire Heavenly Eagle Prairie had become a true pasture for the humans alone.

The surrounding herdsmen also slowly began to gather and form a small nomadic clan. There were warriors in this nomadic clan. If this nomadic clan was evaluated, it would be equivalent to a second-grade sect.

All of a sudden, dozens of beams of light shot through the sky.

The sheep began to flee in all directions as they felt the pressure from the sky. The herdsmen began to shout, trying to gather the sheep.

A girl on the pasture raised her head to the sky, widening her big black eyes. She wasn't afraid of the dazzling sunlight. She stared at it for a long time before excitement suddenly flooded her face. She turned around and ran to a nearby tent. "Father, Craig, it's the True God! The True God is here!"

Hearing the little girl's shout, a young man suddenly jumped out of the tent, his face filled with excitement as well. In two years, the little boy had grown into a tall and handsome young man.

"The True God? Where is he?" Craig asked excitedly.

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