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   Chapter 948 The Ogres' Plot

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The air in the Tower of Sin hung heavily like a thick curtain.

A nervous anticipation settled on the humans' faces as they waited with bated breath.

The moment that the Dark Nether Death Light once again illuminated the entire Dark Nether Cave, not a single one of the warriors inside would remain alive. Since the tower's appearance up to this day, there had never been a single exception. Not even the top-level war lords could withstand the Dark Nether Death Light.

However, in the hearts of the humans, small embers of hope were quietly burning—their torch was carried by one particular man.

Zen was different. Before him, no one else had been able to rise up to the Celestial Position on the Talent Tablet. Furthermore, no one had been able to control the Tower of Sin, even more so use its power to fulfil his desires. From the very first day that he entered the Tower of Sin, Zen had been constantly creating miracles.

Perhaps this time, he would show them another miracle.

The top-level war lords of Demon Night also shared this small hope. Only yesterday, news arrived from the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place. Lavender's statue still shone with the faintest light. It was dim, but it had not yet disappeared. Lavender was still alive.

Based on this indication, it was very likely that Zen had returned. How he had managed to pass through the Dark Nether Cave and avoid the Dark Nether Death Light remained a mystery to Elder Mei.

Maurice's face was set in firm lines, almost ice-like in its coldness. He snorted and said aloud, "No one is allowed to open the door. Perhaps it is just some monster that has approached it by chance."

What he had just said was not nonsense. Many years ago, an extremely powerful monster had run into the Tower of Sin, and the tower shook violently at the force of the impact. Although the walls separated the creatures inside the tower and the monster, the top-level war lords on the top floor had stood terrified to death, not to mention the warriors on the other floors.

That collision had brought forth panic. Many warriors of the lower levels had fled from the tower, and only after many months had passed did they return.

Fortunately, the monster was not able to destroy the tower. After some moments of continuous crashing, it silently left, as if in defeat.

"Right. It would be impossible for a mortal warrior to return. It must be a monster!" a top-level war lord of the Night Group said in agreement.

At these words, Elder Mei was the next person to speak up. "Not necessarily," she muttered.

Pointing at her, Maurice ordered coldly, "Don't even think about opening the door!"

Elder Mei remained calm at the face of his anger and merely shrugged her shoulders. "I will not open the door. If it is Zen who returns, he will naturally come in! The door can't stop him," she said lightly.

Zen had control over the Tower of Sin. Back when he was on the first floor, he had opened cracks in eve

ing Zen's pale, lifeless face.

In the end, the Dark Nether Cave closed, Zen did not return, and he also lost contact with Malcom.

Maurice knew that he had most likely sent Malcom and Rehaan to their deaths, but to him, it was a necessary sacrifice. In Maurice's eyes, it was well worth it. At the very least, Zen would have died in the Dark Nether Cave.

But at this point, with Zen standing before him in the flesh, Maurice realized that he had been completely wrong.

Did Zen just have incredible luck? Even with such methods, Maurice had still failed to kill him!

"How did you come back?" Maurice asked in a hoarse voice.

Zen stood on top of the stairs and looked at him. Then, in a cold voice, he said, "Why should I tell you?"

"Where's Malcom? Where's Rehaan?" Maurice asked again, his voice rising in volume.

Esther then sneered. "Were those two your last hope? I would admit, sending two war sages after us was definitely a strong move. Unfortunately..." Her voice trailed off.

"What? Where are they?" Maurice said.

"Unfortunately, we killed them," Yolande replied nonchalantly, her face devoid of even the slightest bit of emotion.

No other races besides the ogres were aware of the matter. How did Malcom and Rehaan, two top-level war lords, enter the Dark Nether Cave? And they even went after Zen? When had they become war sages?

A flurry of silent questions rang inside the heads of all creatures present. The top-level war lords of the human race and Demon Night stood in complete shock, their eyes wide open.

"The ogres are hiding secrets that we do not know. Colin and Neil were war sages, and yet they managed to stay in the Tower of Sin!" one of the war lords said.

"This is no longer a crucial issue. What's more important is that Zen was able to survive despite the attacks of two war sages. What's more, his opponents were killed!" another one declared.

A third voice rose and asked, "I wonder what else can stop Zen."

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