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   Chapter 947 A Rat-a-tat On The Door

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The Tower of Sin had not been peaceful this year.

Many creatures in the Tower of Sin were discussing what to do. Some of the more timid creatures had already followed the human warriors out of the tower and entered the Cursed Land. If something bad happened, they didn't want to be caught in the middle of it.

Inside the Dark Nether Cave, Zen and his group were moving forward with an orange protective shield around them.

As soon as they left the Mad Scorpion's body, Yolande activated the pendant hanging on Zen's chest and pushed Malcom and Rehaan out of the protective shield.

The moment the two ogres found themselves pushed out of the protective shield, they released their forceful energy to protect themselves against the Dark Nether Death Light. But the forceful energy lasted for less than three seconds before it disappeared. At such a close distance, even a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm wouldn't be able to resist the Dark Nether Death Light that was being released from the Mad Scorpion's head. There was no way the two war sages could survive.

Looking at Zen's shocked expression, Yolande asked indifferently, "When were you planning to get rid of them?"

"I wanted to know where they had been hiding first," Zen replied.

"Malcom wouldn't give you the chance. He would attack you the moment we leave the Fog Array. If he had managed to get your pendant, we would have been the ones to die."

For once, Lavender agreed with Yolande's words.

Compared to Yolande and Lavender, Zen wasn't experienced enough in dealing with these kinds of things. Or in other words, he wasn't ruthless enough. Yolande and Lavender had much more experience when it came to these kinds of dangerous situations. When a group of warriors was exploring a place, only the most cold-hearted one would be able to survive and take all the treasures. The others would all be killed.

By the time they left the Mad Scorpion's body, the fog in the core area had already started to dissipate.

"The fog is starting to dissipate!" Seeing that the fog had become extremely thin, Zen furrowed his brows in confusion.

Yolande blinked her eyes. "It should be because of the time flow rate. The time flow rate inside the Mad Scorpion's body is many times faster than that of our world. We might have been inside the Mad Scorpion's body for only a few days, but a much longer time has passed outside."

"Holy crap! So the Dark Nether Cave is closed now? That means that the humans in the Tower of Sin must be in a really bad situation now!" Zen's face was gloomy. Esther looked worried too.

If the ogres thought that Zen and the others were dead, it was very likely that they would have come back to the Tower of Sin. The members of the Demon Night might not be in that much trouble, but the humans would be in g

umans will share them with the Demon Night."

When Fabian, Jarrod, and Esther heard Zen's words, their faces instantly lit up with joy. The value of this promise of Zen's was too great.

Without the obstruction of the monsters, the group was able to return to the Tower of Sin very quickly. Soon, they arrived at the bottom of the tower. They all used their life vitality and stayed close to Zen as they flew upward.

But when they arrived at the top of the Tower of Sin, their faces fell. "The exit is closed," Esther said, taking a glance at the door.

This door was the exit of the Tower of Sin. Every time the Dark Nether Death Light filled the entire Dark Nether Cave, the seat owners inside the Tower of Sin would close the door, with very few exceptions.

Zen moved forward and pounded on the door with his fist.

Bang, bang, bang...

Meanwhile, Maurice, who was standing on the top floor of the tower, had just killed two human top-level war lords. The remaining human top-level war lords and the top-level war lords of the ogres were preparing to fight.

At this moment, they all heard the sound of someone knocking on the door, leaving them stunned.

How could there be someone knocking on the door after the Dark Nether Death Light had become intense?

One of the top-level war lords of the human race shouted in joy, "Open the door! It must be Fabian and the others. No, it must be Zen!"

Another top-level war lord of the human race tried to rush up the stairs to open the door. But before he could climb the stairs, Maurice's fist smashed into his shoulder, sending him flying backward. The man spat out a mouthful of blood before losing consciousness because of his internal injuries.

The top-level war lords of the ogres began to look troubled, and a trace of fear rose from the bottom of their hearts. Could it really be that brat again?

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