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   Chapter 946 The Situation

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The laughter of the top-level ogre war lords died down. Maurice slowly walked forward, his aura becoming more and more domineering. As he walked, a small pit appeared in the ground in front of him but quickly closed up.

"What do we want?" Maurice stared coldly at Elder Mei and laughed. "We want the Demon Night to give up half of your seats. We want all of the humans in the Tower of Sin, both top-level war lords and war generals, to kill themselves right here!"

The faces of all the humans and the members of the Demon Night darkened.

"What? You want all of us humans to take our lives right here? That's too much!"

"The ogres are too overbearing! They're puffed up with pride!"

"The ogres have always been domineering. This time, the humans and the Demon Night are going to suffer great misfortune!"

Ignoring all the comments, Maurice continued to stare coldly at Elder Mei. "Do you accept this offer?"

In the past, the Demon Night would have never accepted such an arbitrary proposal. Even now, although they had gained a few more seats, they were unwilling to give up half of their seats.

During this trip to the Dark Nether Cave, the Demon Night hadn't suffered a great loss. However, their most important members, Lavender and Esther, hadn't made it out of the cave.

Elder Mei sneered at Maurice, "Maurice, do you really think that Esther is the only talent in the Demon Night?"

Other than some of the humans, the 128 seat owners on top of the Tower of Sin were all top-level war lords. The top-level war lords all had varying amounts of strength, but the gaps between them weren't too great. The Demon Night was much stronger than the ogres, so they weren't afraid of them. But Maurice was a problem.

Maurice erupted into laughter. "Oh? What else do you have then? The Heavenly Feather Sacred Place? No matter how strong the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place is, they won't dare to start a war with our sacred places! Moreover, you should know very well that we have war sages in the Tower of Sin!"

Maurice actually didn't know whether Malcom and Rehaan were alive or dead. He hadn't had time to investigate the secret passage, nor had he received a response when he had tried to use the message rune to contact Malcom.

However, this wasn't a big deal. Even if Malcom and Rehaan had died, the ogres could still train more war sages, because until now, they were the only ones who knew about the secret passage.

After the appearance of the two ogre war sages, Colin and Neil, many races had begun to suspect that the ogres had done something inside the Dark Nether Cave.

And their speculation was grounded. A long time ago, a few of the races had put forward various hypotheses and tried them all out. One of the hypotheses was that if warriors became war sages in the Dark Net

the ogre top-level war lords behind Maurice also began to glow with forceful energy. A chaotic battle was about to break out.

Determination flashed across the faces of the human top-level war lords. They knew very well that they were no match for Maurice, but they no longer had any choice. They had to kill the ogres, or they would be killed.

"Since you all refuse to take your own lives, my clansmen will kill you!" A bloodthirsty expression appeared on Maurice's face. Today, he was determined to kill all of the humans in the Tower of Sin.

When Elder Mei heard Maurice's words, she spoke to a nearby member through her life vitality. "Lead all the humans on the first to the fourteenth floors to the Cursed Land."

It was absolutely safe in the Cursed Land. This was the only thing Elder Mei could do to help the humans now.

The warriors sent to the Tower of Sin were all the talents of various sacred places, and the weakest ones were human-level talents. The human warriors in the tower were the future hope of the Purple Heart Sacred Place. Killing them was equivalent to killing the future hope of the humans' sacred place.

Elder Mei couldn't save the top-level war lords now. However, she could lead the other human war generals, and fighters out of the Tower of Sin. Anyway, the Demon Night and the humans were still in an alliance, so even if Zen was dead, Elder Mei would still have to help Lavender.

The truth was, the humans in the Tower of Sin were much smarter than Elder Mei was giving them credit for. Other than a small number of human warriors who were cultivating in training rooms, many humans had already left the tower one after another.

When Maurice had led his race all the way up to the top of the Tower of Sin at such an astonishing momentum, all the human warriors in the tower had noticed it and easily assessed the situation.

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