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   Chapter 945 Return (Part Three)

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How would the human race survive the ogres? What would happen to them now?

In the Cursed Land, there was a transmission array and all sorts of majestic patterns were engraved around it. There were even sculptures of birds and beasts around it, which appeared extremely mighty and domineering. This was the ogre's transmission array!

Since the ogres used to control the Tower of Sin, their transmission array proved to be a lot grander than those of the other races.

With a flash of white light, a figure as large as a small mountain appeared. He was Maurice, the top-level war lord of the ogre!

After leaving the Tower of Sin, many ogre top-level war lords chose to break through. Since they had accumulated plenty of Lucky Light after fighting for so many years, it wasn't difficult for them to break through and reach the war sage level. However, even though it was easy for them to break the bottleneck and achieve a breakthrough, Maurice decided against it.

The moment he was forced to leave the tower, he already planned a counterattack scheme. The moment Zen entered the Dark Nether Cave, Malcom and Rehaan would be able to kill him!

And because of that, Maurice prepared to return to the Tower of Sin the moment Zen entered the Dark Nether Cave. He really wasn't in a hurry to break through. After all, he still wanted to become the ruler of the Tower of Sin! And with that, within the two ogre sacred places, Maurice suppressed his own cultivation. He was waiting for this day!

Following Maurice, many top-level ogre war lords walked out of the transmission array, with malicious smiles on their faces.

The time they had endured being driven out of the tower had been enough, and now that their revenge was nigh, they were feeling good. The fact that their race was chased out of the Tower of Sin was an unbearable humiliation to them, and today, the time to take what was theirs had come.

The numerous top-level ogre war lords started to approach the Tower of Sin,

ame out.

The Night Group members who held the seats came out first. After they got out, they stood beside Maurice. The Night Group was always controlled by and depended on the ogres, and even if the ogres were driven out of the Tower of Sin, it was a thing that would remain unchanged. After all, their Eternal Night Sacred Place was under the protection of the two ogre sacred places.

The top-level human war lords and the top-level Demon Night war lords were the last two to appear.

Maurice took a glance at the top-level human war lords and suddenly let out a loud laughter, "Top-level human war lords... You were the creatures pestering the fourteenth floor in the past, right? What qualifications do you have to become a seat owner? Hahaha!"


All the top-level ogre war lords started to laugh. Even the top-level war lords of the Night Group started laughing with them.

The top-level human war lords were livid. They were angry, but there was nothing they could do about it. Strength was the only thing that mattered in the Tower of Sin, and they were nothing after losing Zen!

On the other hand, the members of the Demon Night were relatively calm. After all, they had the powerful Heavenly Feather Sacred Place backing them up. Suddenly, they heard Elder Mei say coldly, "What do you want to do?"

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