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   Chapter 944 Return (Part Two)

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Hearing this response, Zen couldn't help but be shocked. It was just as Zen had guessed before—if the entire universe was inside some giant beast, then the masters in that universe would have to follow the world's rules, whether it was how to use or how not to use their life vitality, their forceful energy, and all kinds of Law Power.

Would this mean that even they, the masters of the world themselves, would not be able to perceive the exit of this whole world?

To learn the answer to this question was tempting, but now was not the time for them to think about such things. Their mission was to leave the Dark Nether Cave first, and that was what they were going to do.

Time went by quickly.

The fog in the entire Dark Nether Cave started to gradually dissipate. In the blink of an eye, a month had already passed.

All of the top-level war lords of the Demon Night and the human race gathered on the top of the tower. They all looked upset and worried.

Elder Mei waited by the exit of the Tower of Sin every day, but there was still no sign of Esther and the rest.

"It's already been a month. If Esther and the others still don't return, the Dark Nether Death Light will fill the entire Dark Nether Cave again!" a top-level war lord of the Demon Night said.

Once the Dark Nether Death Light's intensity reached its full force once again, the warriors in the Dark Nether Cave would definitely die. It had been like that since the Tower of Sin opened its doors, and there had been no exceptions.

"Zen might be fine..." a top-level human war lord muttered.

In actuality, the person the war lords of the Demon Night and the human race cared about the most was Zen, not Fabian or Esther.

The reason why the Demon Night members were worried about Zen's condition was because Lavender stayed closely with him. They did not want the queen of the Demon Night to perish in the Dark Nether Cave like this. As an extra level of precaution, Elder Mei had sent his race members back to the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place to check the queen statue of the Demon Night. As the statue was still glowing with a faint red light,


Although there were news from the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place that Lavender's statue was still flashing with a faint red light, Elder Mei did not believe that Zen and his fellows would be able to return. After all, after the Dark Nether Death Light had already recovered, no one would be able to return from the Dark Nether Cave any longer.

Because of this, the majority of the warriors had concluded that Esther had also perished in the cave. Esther's death would surely be a great loss to the Demon Night. After all, she was the strongest master among the seat owners. Without Esther to take charge of the situation, it would be difficult for the Demon Night members to fight against Maurice of the ogre.

If Maurice returned to the Tower of Sin right now, the Demon Night would be in a very sticky situation.

"Well, it's over. It's all over!" a top-level human war lord screamed with a sullen face. "Death is already knocking on our doors! Someone helps us!"

All top-level human war lords looked scared and disappointed. Among the humans, only Fabian and Jarrod were in charge of the overall situation. The other warriors who held seats in the tower simply couldn't be in charge of anything as they weren't that powerful and remarkable. Most of the top-level war lords didn't even have the qualifications to become seat owners before, and they only passed the time on the fourteenth floor of the Tower of Sin!

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