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   Chapter 943 Return (Part One)

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Zen's punch was infused with great power. After it hit the giant stone, a soft, muffled sound rang out.


The sound seemingly came from inside the stone. It was not very loud, but everybody heard it clearly.

Soon after, multiple cracks began to appear on the huge stone, making it look like an egg with cracks on its shell. As the cracks continued to appear on it, the giant stone began to collapse. A loud rumble accompanied that, and soon enough, the huge boulder was turned into dust.

Then, a gust of wind blew past.

Huff, huff.

Zen was immediately engulfed by the surging dust. After what seemed like an eternity, the dust finally dissipated and settled down, and the huge stone in front of him was no more. The only thing left was dust.

Shock appeared on the faces of many green-skinned creatures who were on top of the city wall. It was only then did the creatures understand that the warrior in front of them was not someone they could underestimate. Immediately, they started screaming out words that Zen could not comprehend.

Even Malcom could not hide the shock on his face. If it was him in Zen's position, he would have had to use the forceful energy before he could easily turn such a large stone into such fine dust.

But then the rules of this small world were different. Everyone was forbidden to use their forceful energy and life vitality no matter what happened. So basically, Zen just relied on his physical body's force to do what he did. 'What kind of vicious beast is living inside Zen?' Malcom thought, as he felt a bead of sweat stream down his forehead.

Yolande understood Zen's intentions, so she turned to one of the green-skinned creatures on top of the city walls and said something. After the creature told her his reply, she turned to Zen and said, "Let's go inside."

They then entered the city. Its style was very different from that of the human race's city. Green-skinned creatures on the streets, who were all holding long spears in their hands, started surrounding them, but no one dared attack them. It seemed that Zen's punch had left a deep impression on them. In their eyes, a powerful master like Zen would be virtually undefeatable.

After a few minutes, the green-skinned creatures made

to the side and stopped talking.

The brocade box didn't only contain the Heavenly Fragment. It also held a small array plate.

"What is this?" Zen asked.

"We'll need it when we leave the Fog Array," Yolande replied.

Hearing Yolande's words, Esther and the others couldn't help but be surprised, and their eyes suddenly lit up. They couldn't care any less as to what the Heavenly Fragment was, but the array plate was extremely important to them as they would only be able leave the Fog Array with its help.

After obtaining those two items, they no longer wanted to stay where they were. Because of that, they immediately packed up, and left the green-skinned creatures' city, returning to their original path.

"How can we ever leave the Mad Scorpion's body?" Esther asked, sounding curious and hopeless at the same time.

"The way we came in is the way we'd be able to get out," Yolande answered flatly, confidently taking the lead.

"If we are able to escape the Mad Scorpion's interior world, then the creatures of this world should also be able to leave, right?" Zen suddenly asked. It was a thought that had been sitting inside his head for quite a while.

Yolande laughed loudly and started shaking her head. "The creatures, who are born inside the Mad Scorpion and follow this world's rules, would not be able to see the exit of this world. We, being outsiders, are being suppressed and rejected by the governing force of this world, and so we are presented with a chance to leave!"

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