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   Chapter 942 The Giant Stone

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The green-skinned creatures were all headless as the flying knife butchered them in a dash, rotating around Zen.

A green-skinned creature was pierced by Lavender's spear that was positioned to the distance.

The group of green-skinned creatures were in distrust. They had underrated the warriors who could clearly be enforced on. The other green-skinned creatures that had left weren't too far away. When they heard a deafening bang from behind them, their faces expressed disbelief. This was least expected from them.

Zen was under attack. The green-skinned creatures shot up in the sky to Zen with spears on their hands. They were full of themselves, with lots of vitality and fortitude. Their commander had waved his cane and positioned it at Zen and the others while drawing a long face. This contributed to the green-skinned creatures attacking Zen.

Zen stomped on the ground after channeling up the strength of dragon scales to his feet. A taunting smile emerged on his face. A sparkling light was radiated from the flying knife in his hand that spun rapidly after firing up in the sky.

Zen outsmarted the green-skinned fellows. He was one stride ahead of them. He excluded all of them before they drew out their spears to attack. They all fell down in a thud.

The living things had lesser cultivation techniques. Their cultivation techniques were divergent from those of Zen and the others. Their strength was equal to that of the war fighters on the Sea God Continent.

The great world had stronger regulations. This suggested that the small world rules were substandard. The war fighters had enormous strength in the great world, leaving the green-skinned creatures to be less mighty.

The green-skinned creatures captured Zen and the others. This was because of Yolande deterring them from contending with the creatures. If they had battled those creatures, they would have unleashed their wrath on them.

Zen's flying knife had already eliminated over ten green-skinned creatures instantly. Zen shot towards the commander of the green-skinned creatures as his shadow flashed.

The warrior expressed valour. This sight left the commander of the green-skinned creatures in astonishment. This was absurd! Zen and the others couldn't fly, and the green-skinned creatures' leader noticed that. He had to act quickly and take this vulnerability as his weapon. He waved the cane in his hand and promptly hauled himself up towards the sky. This initiated a distance between them.

The sound of horns could be heard from the environs!

The green-skinned creatures had set up this place as a bastion. A troop of the green-skinned creatures were present in it. The sound of the horn was a signal, so when they heard it, the entire garrison was filled with the soldiers as they embodied themselves for a battle.

Zen crouched as he inclined his knees. The leader of the green-skinned creatures had ascended into the air. Zen shot skyward. He had attained strength after an incessant flow of the dragon scales power surged out.

Zen had collected more strength and his pace was way faster than the commander of the green-skinned creatures. Shock and d

n-skinned creatures.

The sacred places on the Sea God Continent outshone this city. In contradiction to the stronghold they encountered initially, this was way much better and more powerful.

The troops of the green-skinned creatures surged towards the city gate. Suddenly, a group of green-skinned creatures appeared above the city barrier. These green-skinned creatures scraped their teeth as they struggled to wrest something away. Quickly, Zen and the rest heard a loud bang. A giant stone rolled out from the city and was stuck at the city gate.

This didn't trigger Zen at all and the rest. This was a walkover. Zen could easily jump over it with a single attempt despite the city wall was one hundred feet tall.

"By the look of things we are not the only enemies these green-skinned creatures have," Zen spoke.

"That should be the least of our concern. Our main agenda is to get the object and get out of this place." Lavender was about to fly up with the long spear in her hand. She was the only one in a position to do so as others were not in a position to fly.

"Wait." Zen stopped Lavender. "Grant me the honour to do it."

Esther and the rest glanced at Zen who walked slowly towards the giant stone. Fabian suspiciously asked as he glanced behind his shoulder. "What in God's name is he trying to do?"

His query was left unanswered. Zen solely walked over to the stone. There were rather a few green-skinned creatures shooting arrows or even throwing long spears towards Zen at the top of city wall. This never inflicted any change on Zen and his motion in propelling forward. These storms were harmless considering his level.

As Zen approached, he lifted his head to glance at the giant stone. The stone was over two hundred feet tall, and it was like a medium-sized mountain which impeded the city gate.

Zen breathed an exhale of relief, assembled his power of the dragon scales and struck a blow towards the giant stone.

He had the urge of exploding in laughter but he held it back. He had to prove this race why he was much superior to them by showing off his capabilities.

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