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   Chapter 941 The Heavenly Fragment

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The Demon Night was unique from all other races due to the fact that they possessed soul statues which allowed them to easily communicate with the Upper World.

Thus, the members of the Demon Night in the Lower World were connected and united with their clansmen in the Upper World.

Other races were different. Although some could communicate with the Upper World through secret methods, their links weren't as close. For example, those in the Purple Heart Sacred Place knew next to nothing about their peers in the Upper World and were not aware of the important position the human race actually held up there.

Among the three queens of the Demon Night, Zen's sword spirit Lavender was the one in charge of killings. This was the primary reason why Yolande hesitated.

Her fears were not unfounded. The human race and the Demon Night often competed with each other. The secret of the Dark Nether Cave was extremely important, and it was a dispute in the human race.

Lavender let out a bell-like laugh after hearing Yolande's words. "You don't have to worry," she told her. "I've already lost everything. Zen is my only hope now."

Lavender had followed Zen with the last shred of her soul and hoped that by sticking to him, she'd one day be able to make a comeback. However, for the time being, she would serve as Zen's sword spirit.

Zen stared hard at Yolande. "Tell me."

Yolande shook her head. "My thoughts are somewhat naive. After all, the Heavenly Fragment will, at last, belong to Zen."

Lavender whipped her head at Yolande in surprise. "What? Did you just say 'Heavenly Fragment'?"

The Demon Night queen had thought that nothing else in the world could surprise her but, lo and behold, Yolande came and dropped this kind of bomb on her.

The others, however, did not have such a strong reaction. Fabian, Jarrod, Malcom, Rehaan, Esther and the two top-level war lords of the Demon Night were surprised at the queen's reaction to Yolande's words.

Among them, Esther was the most surprised. She was well aware of Lavender's status and knew that she was a person who remained calm even in the face of the enormous Mad Scorpion.

A Demon Night queen was no stranger to supreme legendary beasts, and while the Mad Scorpion was fearsome, it was only an extremely powerful vicious beast as a watchdog of the hell.

Yolande raised a long, shapely eyebrow and looked at Lavender with threatening eyes. "The Heavenly Fragment belongs to the human race. It has nothing to do with the Demon Ni

timate the cultivation of these green-skinned creatures. The rules they had grasped were in accordance to those of this small world. However, because it was built by the vitality between heaven and earth that the Mad Scorpion absorbed, the small world was also a great constraint to them.

Zen approached the edge of the bars and pointed at the green-skinned guard who had taken his space ring.

The guard had been playing with the ring, trying to figure out how it worked. Seeing Zen pointing at him and asking him to go over to him, the green-skinned guard muttered a few words and walked towards the cell.

As soon as he was at an arm's length, Zen extended his hand at lightning speed and grabbed his ring. He did not give the green-skinned guard any time to react and kicked the bars that were holding them captive. Even without the aid of forceful energy, Zen's strength was outstanding as the bars crumbled and fell with one kick.


There was a loud bang when the five feet wide bars hit the floor and instantly crushed the green-skinned guard underneath. Zen walked over and stepped on his head, crushing his skull like a soft watermelon on a hot summer day.

Zen lightly tapped his space ring and brought out a long spear. Without turning, he threw the spear towards Lavender who was quick enough to catch it. At the same time, Zen took out his own broken flying knife. He buckled the ring at the end of the knife on his own thumb.

With a slight wave of his hand, the knife shot forward into the air with a whoosh.

Since he wouldn't be able to use his life vitality in this small world, this small flying knife had become an extremely useful weapon.

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