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   Chapter 940 Three Powers

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Being outside the Mad Scorpion's body didn't mean they could get rid of the fog, Yolande was right about this. No matter how much they tried to move, they were taken to the abyss.

All of them figured that they were unable to fight against the Dark Nether Death Light. If it had not been for the crab-shaped ornament on Zen's chest, all of them could have already been killed by the light.

During such a threatening situation, they could only follow Yolande's advice.

"What are these green-skinned creatures?"

Zen asked, his curiosity evident on his face.

"Esther guessed right. They are the aboriginals of this world," Yolande replied.

"But why would they want to kill us?"

Zen asked again.

"They live inside the Mad Scorpion's body, and it's these aboriginals' duty to kill any intruders," Yolande answered.

"What did you say that changed their minds?"

Zen asked, glancing towards Yolande with a serious look on his face.

"You'll get your answer very soon," she said, avoiding making any more statements.

Even though they were trapped inside that vast net, they still moved forward. Quick on their feet, they passed along many rivers and mountains beneath them on their journey.

The world inside the Mad Scorpion's body was more extensive than they had initially thought. Flying through the place took them two hours. Suddenly, they found a wooden wall standing right before them. Hundreds of sharp wooden sticks stood erect, serving as a defense for the city inside. It was a city that was built by those green-skinned creatures.

Green-skinned guards surrounded the wooden wall, pacing back and forth for any strange movements and noises that might pose a threat. Some of them pulled the net, causing it to fly over the wall and land on a corner where a prison with iron fences stood.

After unwrapping the large net where Zen and the others were trapped, the green-skinned creatures raised their spears towards him and his companions. One of them pointed a finger at the door of the prison and urged them to walk inside.

They all looked at Yolande. She blinked her eyes a few times, signaling that it was safe for them inside the prison. Taking the lead, they all walked to the door. The others followed closely behind her.

Before Zen could even enter the prison, a green-skinned creature raised a spear to block his path. The creature also said some gibberish that Zen didn't understand.

Looking down on his chest, Zen saw that the tip of the spear was pointed straight at the space ring on his chest. Greed was painted all over the green-skinned creature's face.

Even though Zen didn't have a clue about what the creature was saying, he knew exactly what he wanted from him. It was the space ring on his chest.

All of Zen's treasures and wealth were stored inside the space ring, including a large amount of heavenly essence. He even put the crab-shaped treasure which he used to resist the Dark Nether Death Light into th

to hold that kind of power in the Upper World," Jarrod said, his expression completely swelled with pride.

The two ogres standing nearby, Malcom and Rehaan, remained quiet. Their hearts skipped a beat when they heard what Yolande just said. Ogres had been boasting inside the Tower of Sin that they were the perfect race, while humans were feeble, weak and inferior. Humans were not a match to ogres when it came to talent, intelligence, strength and others.

However, the excellence possessed by Zen suggested that they were wrong.

For some reason, humans somehow succeeded in gaining a menacing existence in the Upper World.

At that particular moment, Lavender appeared. Smiling softly, she said, "Controlling such a number of worlds is really impressive, but it is definitely something humans should not boast about. They don't even dare to put up a fight against the Demon Night!"

Glancing at Lavender, Yolande shook her head, "I admit that your race is strong, but you can't give birth to many babies. We couldn't surpass your race over the last one thousand years. What about a hundred years later? Will you have enough warriors from your race to fight against us by then?"

Despite the fact that the Demon Night members were of absolute strength, they were quite weak in reproduction and enlarging their population.

Back when the Demon Night race had conquered a large number of worlds, they were not able to find enough people to be stationed there. Now, however, they controlled no more than a thousand big worlds.

"In the Upper World, a race's power isn't based solely on the number of worlds it has controlled. Am I right?" Lavender argued.

Yolande shook her head again and replied, "Let's drop this. We should focus more on the conflicts between Supreme Lord of Original Sin and Supreme Lord of Oracle. I didn't make it clear to Zen before because I thought I shouldn't talk about these things before you."

The truth was, Yolande was talking to Lavender.

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