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   Chapter 939 Green-skinned Creature

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Although Zen couldn't use the forceful energy and life vitality in this place, he could still rely on the power of the dragon scales inside his body.

He had only used the power of over a hundred dragon scales, but the force of the huge vibration had instantly killed all the Murderous Rats that were attached to him!

For Esther, Fabian, and some of the others, these Murderous Rats might have been troublesome to deal with. But for Zen, they hadn't even been a threat. They couldn't cause him any harm.

Facing this group of Murderous Rats, everyone fought valiantly as they walked forward, forcefully slashing a path painted by blood.

At this moment, the sound of banging drums suddenly came from the distant wilderness.

Bang, bang, bang...

When the drumming sound began to ring out, Zen and the others heard a squeaking noise.

As the noise echoed in the air, all the Murderous Rats that were charging toward Zen and the others suddenly dispersed, fleeing in all directions. They crawled into the ground and disappeared in an instant!

"That squeaking sound might be from the king of these Murderous Rats," Zen said as he looked at the corpses of the Murderous Rats scattered around on the ground behind him like a long, dark line trailing behind.

Moments later, dozens of black shadows rushed toward Zen from the sky above the wilderness.

From this distance, the other warriors with Zen weren't able to see what they were clearly. A green film of light appeared over Zen's eyes. His brows knitted together as he discerned the shadowy figures using his magic vision. "These things are able to fly in the air!"

The creatures flying in the air were neither humans nor ogres, much fewer members of the Demon Night. Zen had never seen such creatures before. They were covered in a layer of green scales and all held a long spear in their hands. In an instant, they surrounded the group of warriors.

The creature in the lead glanced at the group of warriors before raising his long spear in the air and staring at Zen from above. He uttered words in a strange language that none of the warriors had heard before.

Zen and the others looked at one another with confusion written all over their faces. They didn't dare to make a move.

Now, it seemed that in this small world where life vitality and forceful energy were forbidden, there might exist other cultivation methods that Zen and the others were unaware of.

"What are they?" Fabian asked with a frown.

Esther shook her head. "Perhaps they're the aboriginals of this world."

"What should we do now? It seems that... they want to attack us," Malcom said in a muffled voice. Just now, he had suffered a lot of attacks from the Murderous Rats. From the moment he'd entered into the Mad Scorpion's body, he had been constantly suffering setbacks!

"Why should we feel afraid? If they dare to attack us, we'll fight them to the death!" Rehaan glared at the creatures in


However, even though this large net had trapped Zen and the others, it couldn't trap Lavender. She easily escaped from the net.

One of the green-skinned creatures pointed at Lavender and said something. Lavender blinked her eyes. She was short-tempered and didn't hesitate to raise her spear at them. But before she could attack, Yolande said, "Lavender, stop."

"Why? I don't have to listen to you." Lavender hadn't liked Yolande from the start, so she didn't want to listen to her now.

"If you want Zen to leave this place safe and sound, you must listen to me," Yolande said firmly.

The moment Lavender heard this, she immediately paused. Of course she didn't want Zen to be trapped here for the rest of his life. In the end, she threw the long spear into the space ring that hung on Zen's chest. Then, she turned into a dot of red light and whirled into Zen's body.

This had caught the attention of the green-skinned creatures. They were all staring greedily at the space ring on Zen's chest. However, they didn't move toward it.

The green-skinned creatures in the sky each pulled a rope and lifted up the large net. All the warriors were dragged up into the air. This large net seemed to be woven with special golden silk which couldn't be damaged by an ordinary sword. And given that everyone was tightly bound by the large net, it was almost impossible for them to break free.

"Now that they're taking us back to their lair, we're completely at their mercy. They can kill us whenever they want!" Jarrod exclaimed angrily.

"Yolande, you said that you had a way to get us out of the fog, so what's this? We're doomed now," Esther added.

Malcom remained silent. Yolande had broken his arm earlier, so he didn't dare to say anything now.

Yolande sneered. "You were trapped in the fog and you would eventually be pulled into the abyss by the Fog Array. Without me, you would have already died."

No one dared to utter a sound hearing this.

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