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   Chapter 938 The Murderous Rats

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Malcom didn't say anything. He could still rely on his strength to keep him safe inside the Dark Nether Cave.

However, with his forceful energy being completely blocked, he couldn't exert his strength to the full. Now, there was nothing he could do except for keeping his chin up.

The land ahead of them was empty. There was nothing there but some withered shrubs.

However, this didn't mean that they dared relax their vigilance. They were afraid that some demonic beasts or monsters might suddenly appear and pounce on them.

The group followed closely behind Yolande. However, Lavender, in her incorporeal form, was floating next to Zen. As his sword spirit she had no weight at all. Although some unknown power in this world had restrained everyone's life vitality and forceful energy, it only exerted a minimal influence on Lavender.

While everyone was walking forward, Yolande's footsteps suddenly slowed and eventually stopped

"What is it?" Esther asked in alarm, her hand going to the small knife which she carried.

The warriors who had lost their life vitality were like tigers with their teeth pulled out. If they were confronted by some fierce beasts, they would not be able to fend off their attacks.

Yolande's gaze was fixed on a place not far ahead of them. Behind a pile of grass a fat, innocent-looking rat had stuck its head out. Its two soybean-sized eyes cautiously measured Zen and his companions. Its whiskers trembled in the air as it regarded them.

"It's just a rat," Malcom sneered trying to brush past them to continue walking.

"Be careful of those Murderous Rats!" Yolande warned seriously, restraining him with a raised arm.


Given all that had happened, everyone was jumpy and scared of everything around them. Besides, during this adventure, they had come to know Yolande better. If it wasn't extremely dangerous, she wouldn't raise the alarm at all.

They all looked around vigilantly. Fabian and Jarrod had even drawn their swords to prepare for any possible enemy attack.

"There are many more of those rats." Fabian saw that three to four rats were lurking behind each and every clump of grass up ahead.

"Just some rats, not something you should worry about," Jarrod said while shaking his head in denial of the seriousness of the situation.

"They're coming," Yolande warned again.

Just then, everyone heard a squeaking sound. It was abnormally sharp and with very rhythmic variation in the sound, it seemed as if it was some form of communication.

Hearing this squeaking sound, the innocent-looking rats seemed to grow restless. Their bean-sized black eyes were now glistening with ferocious luster. Their hair stood on end and appeared a

gulfed by these creatures. As seconds passed by, the small hill forming over Zen became larger and larger. Soon it was a small mountain of rats which covered him!

"Go get Zen!" Even now, Fabian couldn't forget his mission. After killing dozens of Murderous Rats, he rushed over to Zen, followed closely by Jarrod.

Before he could reach Zen, Lavender's long spear stretched before him and barred his path.

"What are you doing? If we don't save him now, there'll be nothing left of him!" Fabian asked anxiously, his face filled with confusion. He knew that Lavender was Zen's sword spirit, and if he was killed, she wouldn't live either. However, Lavender looked relaxed, bored even, and not at all concerned about Zen's safety.

Lavender answered indifferently, "Don't worry, he's fine!"

Just as she finished speaking, they saw the Murderous Rats which were gnawing at Zen's body started to scatter in all directions. Then, they heard a muffled sound coming from where Zen was trapped.


The thousands of rats on Zen's body were all sent flying into the air at the same time, falling in all directions. Their bodies were crushed and they went limp.

Zen just stood there, in the nude, as his clothes had been torn apart by the rats. His body was barely bruised or hurt!

Yolande stared at his naked body and blinked, wondering how could he have succeeded in resisting those disgusting rats. Meanwhile, Esther and Lavender looked at Zen boldly. Since females enjoyed superior status to males in the Demon Night, his naked body didn't make them blush with embarrassment at all.

However, Zen's face had turned a bright red. Those rats had really embarrassed him! He hurriedly took a suit of clothes from his space ring which he donned while trying to avoid all the eyes which were focused on him.

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