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   Chapter 937 The World Within The Mad Scorpion's Body

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Malcom and Esther had always been relying on their life vitality or forceful energy to be strong and powerful.

Now that they had lost these things, their main bodies were only slightly stronger than ordinary creatures, so as they fell and hit other objects in the darkness, they became dizzy from the impact just like everyone else.

And since the crab ornament on Zen's chest couldn't be nourished by his life vitality, the orange barrier of light around it had completely disappeared.

Luckily, the Dark Nether Death Light that had shot out of the Mad Scorpion's head didn't reach them. Otherwise, everyone would have been killed instantly by the red light.

The crowd could no longer hold onto Zen's body as they continued to roll down and scatter.

The size of the inside of this gigantic beast far exceeded everyone's imagination.

Since the Mad Scorpion lay at the edge of the abyss, no one knew the length of its body. Its huge body extended all the way to the darkness below, but the part of its body that everyone could see above the abyss was already indescribably huge, like the ominous tip of an iceberg.

Zen was still fine. Although he had collided with something along the way, his body was more solid than everything else. The giant rock that had been sucked into the Mad Scorpion's stomach hit Zen, but Zen remained unharmed. In fact, the rock was smashed into a thousand pieces instead.

On the other hand, everyone else was in danger. Since Esther, Fabian, and the others couldn't activate their life vitality, they didn't have anything to protect them. In this situation, even a small rock that was thrown at them could cause them to bleed.

It was fortunate that the inner walls of the Mad Scorpion were soft. Otherwise, just bumping about along the inside of the Mad Scorpion's body would be enough to kill them.

When they finally hit a surface, they crawled there in the darkness for over ten minutes. Esther let out a muffled sound and they all fell back and forth until they reached the bottom. After passing through the dark passage, they were surprised to discover that there was a magical light in the Mad Scorpion's stomach.

But Zen was the only one who was in the mood to inspect their surroundings.

Except for Zen and Yolande, everyone was injured. Esther was the most severely injured one, with several wounds on her body and a portion of her clothes stained red with blood.

Even Malcom and Rehaan, who were physically strong, were injured. Rehaan was practically limping as he crawled up from the ground, and Malcom's face was swollen to the point of looking comical.

On the other hand, Fabian and Jarrod looked fine and

ollow me."

Malcom didn't have the patience to do so. He stretched out his large hands toward Yolande, but just as he reached out, Yolande, who was wearing a pair of clogs, shook her body and leaped onto Malcom's bulky arm.

Taking two steps forward on his arm, she wrapped her arms around Malcom's forearm and fiercely pressed down on it, taking advantage of her full body weight.


Everyone heard the sound of a bone cracking. Malcom let out a miserable scream as his thick arm became limp and tilted to one side.

Rehaan was startled. Just as he was about to charge over, Yolande jumped down from Malcom's arm. Her petite figure was in stark contrast to Malcom's massive body. She gave Rehaan a cold look and said, "If you want to leave this place and return to the tower alive, don't talk rubbish!"

She had shocked everyone by breaking Malcom's arm with a mere twist.

No matter how powerful she was, she was still a tenth-level war general. But now, she had broken Malcom's arm with just one strike.

Yolande didn't care about the gazes of the surrounding warriors. She walked forward alone, while Malcom, dragging his broken arm, took out a pill from his pocket and swallowed it. Even if the healing medicine's effect was really good, it would still take a few days for his broken arm to be completely healed.

Zen's eyes lit up as a thought struck him.

After entering the belly of the giant beast, no one could rely on their life vitality and forceful energy. In that case, only the lowest-level martial skills could truly work there.

What Yolande had just used was contortion, the most common martial art of an ordinary warrior. Even if Yolande's strength was far inferior to Malcom's, she had been able to easily break Malcom's arm with her technique.

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