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   Chapter 936 Swallowed By The Mad Scorpion

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The interaction between the Mad Scorpion and the Heavenly Immortal Root created strong gales that blew away more than a thousand feet in depth of soil surrounding the chasm.

With the onslaught of the strong gales, the two-thousand-feet-deep pit that Zen and his companions had dug turned useless as it only seemed to be like a hundred or so feet against the raging force.

The group couldn't keep still, so all of them began climbing out of the pit as their hearts pounded wildly. As soon as they slightly emerged out of the pit, they felt their limbs shake as they took in that chaotic scene.

In great apprehension, they watched the intense battle unfolding above the abyss. They seemed to be musing in unison that being able to survive this kind of havoc was indeed a blessing!

The Mad Scorpion wildly roared as it rushed straight towards the Heavenly Immortal Root, which was equally savage. Nevertheless, the terrifying and earsplitting sound the Mad Scorpion grumbled did not cause any damage to the Heavenly Immortal Root. Instead, the latter quickly twisted its enormous root, which was as thick as a mountain, and brandished its ugly head to charge aggressively towards the Mad Scorpion.


A booming sound soon reverberated in the air! That Mad Scorpion's physical attributes were a bit deceiving. It looked huge, creating an impression of being slow and sluggish, but its movements were surprisingly agile.

Just as the Heavenly Immortal Root reached its head over, the Mad Scorpion's pincer landed on its hideous head with so much precision as a counterattack. The sound of this slap was like hundreds of thunderclaps exploding at the same time.

On the other hand, Zen and the others could only temporarily shut off their hearings with their skills. Otherwise, the sound of the slap would surely damage their hearing abilities.


After being assailed, the Heavenly Immortal Root turned its head again as if nothing happened and continued to rush towards its opponent. But then another attack from the Mad Scorpion followed.

That slap was so terrifyingly powerful that if it landed on the Sea God Continent, it would surely destroy even a mountain range.




After a series of continuous slaps, the incomparably ferocious Heavenly Immortal Root finally succumbed to its defeat against the Mad Scorpion.

Lavender glanced at Zen and told him with her life vitality, "The Heavenly Immortal Root is nothing but only a type of vegetable."

"Vegetable?" Zen's eyes were fixated on the battle between the giant monsters as he repeated it in a daze.

"Right. It's a type of vegetable used to feed super legendary beasts. If you don't believe me, you can ask the cyan dragon in your mind," Lavender said with a smile.

Zen was indeed a bit curious, so he asked, "Man, is that so?"

"Don't listen to her nonsense! You know, strong warriors like me don't need to eat anything." The cyan dragon, however, wasn't willing to admit it.

"But you needed to eat before you became strong. What did you eat t

him go, they would immediately be shot to death by the Dark Nether Death Light. So naturally, everyone held onto Zen tightly for their dear lives! The group danced and dangled in the air, quickly revolving and being sucked into the Mad Scorpion's big mouth. They felt dreadful as they witnessed the Heavenly Immortal Root being sucked into its big mouth, piece by piece.

For the Heavenly Immortal Root, the Mad Scorpion's mouth could be called simply as a mouth. However, to Zen and the others, it was like a huge cave that was tens of thousands of feet high. Even if ten mountain ranges were placed side by side, they could still be stuffed easily into the mouth of the Mad Scorpion.

As far as the Mad Scorpion was concerned, Zen's group could not even be considered ants or dust. They were merely close to nothingness. It was more likely that they didn't exist in the Mad Scorpion's line of sight.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A few ten feet wide boulders were also sucked over by the Mad Scorpion. Some of the boulders directly smashed into Zen and the others. However, before the boulders could hit them, they were immediately broken by Yolande's and the others' attacks.

After flying above the chasm for a while, they were eventually pulled inside the Mad Scorpion's mouth. At that precise moment, the life vitality within everyone's body suddenly disappeared strangely. As for Malcom and Rehaan, their expressions changed greatly. The forceful energy within their bodies had also vanished!

Zen, who possessed both the life vitality and the forceful energy, found himself in the same situation. Whether it was life vitality or forceful energy, both faded without a trace at the same time.

Earlier, when they were constantly being tossed around in the sky, they were still able to rely on their life vitality or forceful energy to stabilize their bodies. But now, their life vitality or forceful energy had strangely disappeared. They soon found themselves suddenly being blown around by the turbulent winds, falling heavily into the darkness.

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