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   Chapter 935 The Roar

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Everyone's heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Let alone these people, even powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm would be dwarfed by the size of the monster. They looked like ants in comparison to it, and they instantly knew that they wouldn't stand a chance against it.

"Turn around, don't look at it, and cover your ears," Yolande quickly ordered as she turned her head away from the huge monster.

Quickly, the others followed suit. They turned their heads around and covered their ears as well. Any form of resistance was useless now.


The Heavenly Immortal Root suddenly raised its head and roared. The loud sound caused the entire Dark Nether Cave to tremble.

As a result, the many sharp stalactites growing from the ceiling of the Dark Nether Cave began breaking, and one by one, they smashed and fell down on the cave's floor.

One of the stalactites, which was over 200 feet long, headed towards the group. At that very moment, Yolande's eyes narrowed. As if on instinct, she raised her hand. A ray of light shot out from her finger, and it instantly shattered the crashing stalactite into many little pieces.

As the whole cave shook, the root continued to roar fiercely. Five minutes passed until the cave was silent again.

Yolande then turned to the others and said in a hushed voice, "The Mad Scorpion has awoken. Be ready."

Everyone's face contorted to show confusion, fear, and uncertainty. The giant beast had been sleeping, but obviously, it was impossible for it to continue sleeping when something as huge as the root roared relentlessly.

Together, everyone turned around to look at the Mad Scorpion, and sure enough, it had already opened its eyes.


Since the Mad Scorpion had only woken up from its long, long slumber, its eyes were still unfocused. With its huge palm, it touched the top of its head. As it did that, the Dark Nether Death Light above its head suddenly grew several times stronger. The scarlet light enveloped the entire Dark Nether Cave, brighter and stronger than even the sunlight.

"Even the fog might not be able to stop this light. If there are other warriors inside the Dark Nether Cave, I'm sure that they have been killed, " Esther quietly said, her head lowered.

Fortunately, because of the Tide of Chaos, most of the warriors had returned to the Tower of Sin. Only a small number of them wanted to take advantage of the Tide of Chaos to obtain greater chances in finding treasures inside the cave. And since they dared to take risks, they had to accept the cost that came with it, even if it was their lives.

The Mad Scorpion's huge head slowly turned around to glance at the Heavenly Immortal Root. Then it suddenly opened its huge mouth and roared back at the root.


Yolande's expression turned to fear as she said to Zen urgently, "Quick, make a deep p

Looks like they're going to die in there!"

The intense roar lasted for a long time, and the entire Tower of Sin continued trembling.

Besides those in the Tower of Sin, people throughout the Cursed Land heard the roar as well. Two hours later, the roar had even spread throughout the entire Sea God Continent.

In the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, the purple clad Amber stood on the top of the huge holy tree. Her sharp ears were alert, listening for more. When the violent roar spread from underground, the holy tree of the Demon Night started to tremble.

The holy tree had a soul. It uneasily confided its fear to Amber. At that moment, all the living beings in the sacred place of the Demon Night were terrified. It was as if the end of the world was drawing nigh.

"Don't be afraid. Take it easy." Amber gently caressed the tree, communicating with it in a soft voice to soothe its trembling heart.

Apart from the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, the Purple Heart Sacred Place of the human race, the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place of the ogres, the Eternal Night Sacred Place of the Night Group, and all the living creatures in the sacred places of the various races were all filled with unease and fear.

A full two thousand feet!

Within a short period of time, Zen and Malcom had repeatedly hammered the ground and they had dug a huge pit that was two thousand feet deep. The rocks and mud that had accumulated overhead almost buried them.

However, even though they were hiding in such a deep pit, it did not lessen the unease in their hearts. The roar was simply too dreadful.

After a long time, the roar gradually faded away. Because of the long distance, the gale above their heads gradually dissipated. After making sure that it was already safe, everyone started moving the rocks and soil above their heads away and slowly made their way out of the pit.

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