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   Chapter 934 Heavenly Immortal Root

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Because of Huey's existence, the other races hadn't even had the slightest chance of winning a seat in the Tower of Sin. Although the members of the Demon Night were born strong, the ogres had still been able to suppress them until Amber appeared.

However, the true decline of the ogres in the Tower of Sin was because of Huey's sudden disappearance.

No one knew if Huey was alive or dead. He had mysteriously disappeared from the Tower of Sin without a trace. No one knew where he had gone.

In the beginning, the ogres had still been able to control the seats in the Tower of Sin. But after the sudden rise of the Demon Night decades ago, the ogres had lost the first seat to them. Since then, Esther had controlled the number one seat while Maurice could only control number two.

"Huey's disappearance was a great loss to us ogres." Malcom was upset. If Huey hadn't gone missing, the Demon Night wouldn't have been able to suppress the ogres.

"Don't you think it's strange that Huey went missing just like that?" Yolande asked.

"Strange? Of course it's strange!" Malcom said with a frown. Then, as he stared at Yolande, he suddenly remembered something. "It's you! You killed him?"

Yolande nodded and turned around to look at the unimaginably large monster in the distance. "I was the one who killed Huey and turned him into nourishment for the Tower of Sin. His corpse was completely absorbed by the tower."

"What?" Rehaan was dumbfounded.

The reason for Huey's disappearance struck Malcom after he recalled that Yolande had appeared out of nowhere around the same time that Huey had disappeared. Malcom had never linked those two events until now.

The talent Yolande had displayed when she entered the first floor of the Tower of Sin had been extremely terrifying. As a result, the ogres would try their best to get her killed. However, just like Amber, Yolande's strength had far exceeded the expectations of the ogres. No matter how hard they tried to kill her, she was always able to defeat her opponents.

As a result, Yolande had easily entered the tenth floor of the Tower of Sin.

Just when the ogres were preparing to get rid of Yolande with everything they had, she announced that she wasn't going to enter the Talent Tablet. Moreover, she didn't seem to have any intention of going to the eleventh floor. Since then, she had stayed on the tenth floor, much to the surprise of the humans as well as the other races.

After the initial surprise wore off, the ogres continued to observe her for a while, but she d

b out of the chasm?

Even if Yolande hadn't said anything, there was no idiot who would have stayed by the side of the chasm. Everyone turned around and followed Zen, leaving the edge of the chasm to get to a relatively safe place.

"What is it?" Esther asked.

No matter what it was, it was probably not much smaller than the Mad Scorpion to be able to create such a huge commotion in the chasm.

"Actually, you've all seen it before," Yolande replied.

"We've seen it before?" Everyone was shocked.

Yolande nodded. "It's the plant that chased us all the way here. What we saw were just the roots protruding out of the ground. Its main body is in here."

Lavender smiled coldly. "It's just a Heavenly Immortal Root!"

"Why is it coming up?" Zen asked.

Yolande, however, only said, "You'll soon understand."

As the roar became louder and louder, the sound became deafening to all of their ears. Zen and the others had no choice but to use their life vitality to temporarily seal off their own hearing. As the thing in the chasm got closer and closer to the opening, fear and anxiety became apparent on everyone's face. But despite the loud noise, the Mad Scorpion was still fast asleep.

"It's here!" Yolande said as she stared into the distance.

Sure enough, the next moment, everyone saw a giant plant climbing out of the chasm. On top of the plant, there was an incomparably strange and ugly face.

The most frightening thing was that the strange face was facing them!

The face of this giant plant wasn't much smaller than the head of the Mad Scorpion. It was around the size of a mountain. However, the two eyeballs on its face were staring straight at Zen's group!

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