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   Chapter 933 An Outsider

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Yolande rolled her eyes and weighed her possible replies. The grey pupils in her watery eyes moved rapidly, making it seem like there were two snowflakes embedded inside her eyes.

"Yes, of course I know," she finally said.

"So you also know why I'm here?" Zen asked.

Yolande nodded. "Yes, I'm very clear about why you're here. But you're just an outsider who doesn't know the truth."

"An outsider?" Zen frowned slightly.

"Mist's luck is not bad. I didn't think that he would be willing to stay in the celestial tomb for so many years and sacrifice the chance of reincarnation. He was lucky that there finally came a person with the fate to lead the great world of chaos," Yolande said seriously. "But he didn't tell you the whole story."

"What is the whole story?" It was true that Zen knew little about this whole matter. He didn't even know what the inheritance that he was pursuing exactly was.

"You have your own path, so I don't recommend you getting involved in this game," Yolande said.

"What is the game?" Zen asked. Judging from Yolande's tone, it seemed that he had been involved in a big dispute from the time he had left the Central Region and gone into the Sea God Continent. Now, it seemed that Lavender's guess had been right. This dispute was most likely a dispute within the human race as well as a dispute in the Upper World. It seemed that Mist and Yolande were not on the same side after all. Zen had no idea what was going on.

Yolande sighed. "It's a dead end."

Zen's face darkened. "Can you explain it clearly?"

"It's hard to explain." Yolande shook her head and took two steps toward Zen. Then, she took a deep breath before turning her lips up into a smile. It was a rare sight to see. "But since you've already come to this stage, you'll also have a part to play. I just hope that you'll make the right judgment after getting the inheritance and have a clear mind about the path you want to take!"

"Of course I know which path I want to take," Zen said seriously.

No matter what the game was or what kind of dispute they were in, Zen would always stick to his own path and would not be easily influenced by others. No matter how the immortal Mist or Yolande wanted to take advantage of him, he would always make sure that they didn't hinder his path.

He didn't care about whether they were on the righteous side or not. It had nothing to do with him.

"Yes." Yolande nodded. "The road for those who have the fate to lead a world of chaos will always be their own path. Changing your path will be as difficult as changing the trajectory of the stars. Perhaps entering the Dark Nether Cave is a step in your path and I've unknowingly become your guide."

What Yolande had just said was so mysterious that it confused not just Zen, but everyone else as well.

As Zen and Yolande spoke, they were approaching the enormous abyss.

The abyss and the beast hadn't seemed far away at first. But even though they'd been traveling fo

e was famous within the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place. In fact, Malcom and Rehaan weren't the only ones who knew him. Fabian, Jarrod, and Esther had all heard of Huey before.

This was because this top-level war lord called Huey had controlled the Tower of Sin for over a hundred years!

Generally speaking, the top-level war lords in the Tower of Sin would do their best to suppress their cultivation. When they accumulated enough Lucky Light, they would leave the Tower of Sin to break through. It proved to be a very effective way for warriors to bypass the bottleneck in their cultivation. Therefore, the top-level war lords who walked out of the Tower of Sin would have no problem making a breakthrough to become war sages.

However, suppressing cultivation was not an easy thing. After suppressing it for a long time, it was also possible for one to break through automatically. Therefore, when many top-level war lords felt that they were about to break through, they would leave the Tower of Sin and the Cursed Land. If they accidentally broke through and became war sages inside the Tower of Sin, it was equivalent to courting death.

However, there had once been a freak in the ogre race, and that was none other than Huey.

Huey had kept his cultivation level at the top-level war lord for over a hundred years. During that time, he had been the strongest seat holder in the Tower of Sin. The ogre race had been able to control the Tower of Sin for a long time, and more than half the credit for that went to Huey.

As for how Huey had managed to suppress his cultivation and remain as a top-level war lord for over a hundred years, it was a huge mystery to all living creatures.

Huey had been so strong back then that he could be considered the actual controller of the Tower of Sin. Therefore, even the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place had had to pay respect to him despite the fact that he was only a top-level war lord!

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