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   Chapter 932 Watchdog Of Hell

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As the group of cultivators tried to flee, the plant grew rapidly and formed a flower bud that bloomed right in front of their eyes.


Malcom waved his fist in the direction of the strange plant.

Malcom's surging fist aura enveloped the plant with billowing smoke, creating a muffled sound.

But when the smoke dissipated, he was astonished to see that the plant was completely unharmed. The flower bud continued blooming. Soon, the face of a ghost would form on it.

"Hurry up! Let's fly higher!" Fabian urged.

Zen was fully alert. When he heard Fabian's words, he instantly lifted his body and flew upward. The orange light barrier around the treasure hanging on his chest turned into a circular protection barrier that enveloped everyone within.

Unfortunately, as they flew up to the sky, the green plant also started to grow upward at the same speed that they were flying.

"Be quick! Don't stop!" Jarrod roared.

Everyone moved as fast as they could. By the time the flower bud fully bloomed and revealed the sinister face inside it, they were quite a distance away from it. All of a sudden, they heard a terrifying scream coming from behind them. Fear gripped their hearts.

"It's not over yet! Look at the ground!" A top-level war lord of the Night Group said with a fearful expression as he pointed below.

Everyone looked down and saw many green dots appearing on the ground below them. It was obvious that each of these green dots was a sinister plant. In fact, there was only one plant, but its huge body was buried deep underground. At this moment, its roots were spreading upward and approaching them quickly.

"It seems that we can only speed up and try to get away from it!" Move at your full speed! Follow me!" Zen said.

As he finished his words, the forceful energy within his body erupted, leaving a thin line of smoke as he rapidly flew through the layers of fog. His speed had suddenly increased by 30 percent!

When the others saw Zen speed up, they tried to keep up with him in order to stay inside his light barrier. Fabian and Jarrod exchanged a glance before they merged their life vitality together. The two formed a gray shadow and managed to keep up with Zen's speed.

Yolande didn't have to use any secret techniques. She maintained the same speed as Zen and followed closely beside him no matter how fast he moved.

Malcom, on the other hand, grabbed hold of Rehaan and tried to carry his companion forward. The pair of black wings on his back continued to flap as he followed closely behind Zen. Anyway, he knew that he would definitely die here if he failed to catch up with Zen.

Esther also used her full strength to move fast. There was a faint white light flashing within her and the other two top-level war lords of the Demon Night as they closely followed behind Malcom and the rest.

The two members of the Night Grou

ained within the orange light barrier, they had to move at the same pace as Zen. The space around the orange light barrier was completely filled with the red-colored Dark Nether Death Light. They all stayed close to Zen for security, even Malcom.

"Yolande, what exactly is this beast? Is it a legendary beast? Or a super legendary beast?" Esther asked out of curiosity.

This unexpected exploration had caused Esther, Fabian, and Malcom to feel a great sense of crisis.

"It is neither a legendary beast nor a super legendary beast. It's a fierce beast that is called the Mad Scorpion. It's actually the watchdog of hell," Yolande replied flatly.

"The watchdog of hell?!" Everyone gasped in astonishment.

They'd only heard of hell in ancient texts and legends. Nobody knew whether hell really existed or not. That was why they were all shocked by Yolande's words. Esther took a deep breath and then asked, "Does hell really exist?"

Yolande continued to walk forward as she shook her head and replied ambiguously, "Hell may exist..."

"What do you mean?" Esther asked. She knew that Yolande might be unwilling to answer her question, but she had no way of forcing her to answer it. Anyway, this answer at least sounded better than the words, "I won't tell you."

"Where are we going now?" Zen asked after a moment of silence, staring at the gigantic beast.

"Forward," Yolande said indifferently.

"But what else could be ahead other than this beast?" Zen asked. Was she leading them into the abyss? Or were they about to enter this gigantic beast's mouth?

To his astonishment, Yolande said, "Your Jade Butterfly will give you the answer."

Zen immediately took several steps back, his whole body on high alert. "How do you know that I have a Jade Butterfly?"

The corner of Lavender's lips curled up as if she had already expected this to happen. Her eyes were filled with mockery as she stared at Yolande.

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