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   Chapter 931 The Wrong Move

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Malcom and Rehaan were in a tight fix. The condition at hand was now beyond their command. They weren't imbeciles to fail to discover this for themselves.

"Stop!" Malcom shouted in incredulity. His face portrayed coldness.

Zen glanced at him and asked, "What is it?"

"We are stuck. This is the furthest we can move," Malcom replied.

The obstacle had out-powered them. Cultivating forceful energy was the fundamental reason they had this substantial burden on their shoulder. However, they were not the particular ones encountering this dilemma.

Fabian and Esther could reaffirm their life vitality with life vitality crystals. They cultivated their life vitality instead of their bodies. But now, both the life vitality consumption and their life vitality crystal consumption were accelerating at a lightning speed.

"Yes, Zen, if we continue marching ahead, we will have slim chances of combating the Dark Nether Death Light!" Fabian said in a distressed tone.

Suddenly, Lavender sneered, "Didn't you already know? You will be dragged closer to the red dot in this fog whether you move or not."

The closer they drew to the red dot, the mightier the Dark Nether Death Light became. The logic of this caused their hearts to sink with dread. How would they withdraw themselves and be spared from this condition? Getting close to the core was a tremendous blunder because they wouldn't have the restraint from the fog. Withstanding the Dark Nether Death Light would be an arduous ordeal.

At the same moment, everyone peered at Yolande.

"Put your life vitality into that stuff surrounding your neck," she said to Zen.

Yolande had attached this crab-shaped substance around Zen's neck in no time. As she did that, everyone present had been curious. Now that she mentioned the item, they all gazed at it.

"What is that for?"

"It looks like a precious gem."

"Can it protect us?"

Zen did what he was told without a question. Yolande's voice expressed affirmation of being competent to guide everyone out of this fog. If that was the case, resisting Dark Nether Death Light wouldn't be a hard nut to crack.

Zen lifted his hand and infused an upsurge of life vitality into the crab in front of his chest.

Zing, zing, zing...

An orange glimmer of light radiated from the crab. It covered a section of two hundred feet, spreading quickly in all directions.

Everyone was submerged when the light was emitted. Dark Nether Death Light had dwindled, and its pressure had slackened. Malcom and the others felt the hasty development.

"It's amazing. It can block Dark Nether Death Light!"

"It seems that Yolande really has a plan!"

"But why would she give that item to Zen?"

Yolande's method w

with Zen. Everyone looked at Yolande, who usually was calm. Her pale face shocked them. After all, this was a dangerous place. They all started to flee. In an instant, they all ran into the light barrier and kept on running.

Shane marched on to the plant, but something weird happened just before he spread his hand out to dig it out. The plant suddenly grew taller and a small bud quickly surfaced in the middle of the two leaves.

The bud blossomed. The mysterious part was that in bloom was an incomparably strange face instead of a flower. The odd face rumbled as a lion at Shane. Everyone glanced as Shane's protective life vitality instantly dissipated. Afterwards his skin instantly disappeared, revealing the fresh red flesh, and very soon, the flesh also proceeded to disintegrate, exposing his white bones.

After all this, the bones were not spared. They disappeared into thin air. The only item that was spared was a few fragments of clothing that hovered in the air before dropping on the ground.

"What in God's name could this be?" Malcom exclaimed, dumbstruck. Shane's wretched state freaked the misery out of him.

Fabian shook his head. "Who the hell knows? Here anything is achievable, so be ready to face the impossible!" he said.

"But that thing has no hands or feet. It won't be chasing us, right?" Jarrod asked.

Yolande didn't answer. Instead, she continued running in front along with Zen.

As soon as Jarrod finished speaking, a touch of green appeared in front of the crowd. Everyone glanced over and saw that the green leaves were exactly the same as the ones they had seen earlier. Clearly the plant had just emerged from under the ground.

Everyone finally understood why Yolande had asked Zen to run. The plant indeed had no hands or legs, but it was able to travel underground!

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