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   Chapter 930 Rebuild Heavenly Body

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It wasn't only Malcom who was shocked at the scene. Fabian and Esther were equally taken aback.

Zen's black flame appeared almost invincible upon exploding. It had even burnt the tongue of the Bull-like Giant Toad.

No matter how powerful the Bull-like Giant Toad was, it was still flesh and blood. It was less shocking that the black flame could burn the toad like that. But the sword in front of them was definitely something stronger than a sacred weapon.

It could even be a divine weapon.

Although no one was sure, they could guess it was a divine weapon. But Zen's black flame had even started to smelt the sword! And that too, in a very brief time!

To Esther and the others, it seemed like an unbelievably fast speed, while to Zen, it seemed rather slow.

Earlier in time, when any weapon was burnt by the black flame, a gentle flick of the flame was enough to burn all the impurities of the weapon. But this sword was different. It had resisted the black flame for a few seconds before it started to melt down completely. Parallel to that, a lot of heavenly essence started to fly towards Zen like water running in a stream.

"That is a lot of heavenly essence!

"Wow! This heavenly essence can be used to refine weapons!" Fabian exclaimed.

But there wasn't a single weapon refiner present at the scene. The heavenly essence was rare, but it wasn't of much use for any unskilled, normal person.

While Zen continued smelting the sword further, a small hole started to appear right at its center, gradually growing bigger and bigger. Finally, it grew as wide as the width of the sword and the bottom half of the sword turned into a burning, viscous liquid.

Thereafter, the upper half fell on the ground with a loud bang, piercing it while causing a deep fissure into it.

Zen did not even glance at it as he continued to smelt the remains of the sword, his eyes focused on what was now an undulating surface. The amount of heavenly essence produced by this sword was equivalent to that created by millions of fairy weapons combined! It flowed towards Zen in torrents and he collected it without letting any of it go to waste.

Zen's increased strength would also have an effect on the power of the dragon scales, making them much more important. If used correctly at critical times, the power of the dragon scales could produce a miraculous effect.

Now that Zen had also established the Hundred Meetings Platform in his body and gone through body refinement, his physique had improved impressively. With his new form and the posture that came with it, he could withstand even greater strength.

As he smelt the sword with all his force, in his mind he asked the cyan dragon, "What will happen if I light up all the dragon scales?"

Until now, he had only lit up a few dragon scales, and he had never imagined lighting all of them at all. He couldn't even have imagined how much heavenly essence it would take to do such a task.

But now, he

er and stronger!

The red dot in the sky was already the size of a wheel. Even with the multiple layers of fog blocking the red dot, the Dark Nether Death Light was able to exert and multiply the pressure on everyone's protective life vitality.

Although everyone's life vitality could withstand it, the consumption rate was becoming faster and faster. In a very short period of time, Fabian had already taken out two supreme life vitality crystals, crushed them and absorbed the life vitality within to supplement himself.

Malcom and Rehaan were even more troubled. They were body refiners, and relied on the protection of the forceful energy, which couldn't be replenished with life vitality crystals. It could only be generated by their own bodies slowly.

It was alright in the beginning as the pressure of the Dark Nether Death Light wasn't too great and the consumption of forceful energy was minimal in its comparison. Malcom and Rehaan could withstand the Dark Nether Death Light with their powerful bodies alone, and did not need the protection of their forceful energy.

But as they got closer and closer to the red dot, the Dark Nether Death Light became more intense, leaving them no choice but to use their forceful energy to protect themselves.

They were not worried at the beginning. After all, the speed at which the forceful energy was generated within their bodies was faster than the speed at which the forceful energy was consumed.

But it was now becoming very troublesome for them to maintain a balance between the two. They were unable to replenish the forceful energy in time, and were slowly running out of it.

Once the entirety of their forceful energy was used up, their bodies would directly be facing the increasingly intense and deadly Dark Nether Death Light with no protection.

That was almost like standing naked in a world full of flames, or a world full of ice! How could they possibly resist and get away alive with something like that?

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