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   Chapter 928 A Mummy

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Those rumors were not completely wrong. The Dark Nether Death Light had indeed come from the core area. To be exact, it was being emitted by the red dot!

As the fog rose and covered it, the Dark Nether Death Light in the Dark Nether Cave was becoming weaker, which was why many creatures in the Tower of Sin had enjoyed the occasional chance to enter the cave.

But now, as the group slowly approached that red dot, the Dark Nether Death Light became brighter, and it posed an even greater threat to everyone on the journey to the core.

Thanks to the thick fog, they could still manage to resist the Dark Nether Death Light at first. But as they drew closer to the red dot, the power of the Dark Nether Death Light was becoming stronger. How would they be able to withstand it when they finally reached it?

When this question entered their minds unbidden, everyone began to hesitate again, and their pace decreased…

Previously, they had thought that, 'no risk, no reward'. They had hoped that if they shook off all of their worries and kept moving forward towards the core, there might be an opportunity which might present itself to get them out of there.

But now, they knew without a doubt that they were heading down a path of no return. No one knew what awaited them, whether there were some extremely powerful beasts or monsters waiting for them in the core or not, but they all knew with certainty that just the Dark Nether Death Light alone was enough to claim their lives!

"I'll stop here! If I go any further, I will definitely die. The Dark Nether Death Light alone is powerful enough to kill me!" Shane crumpled down to the ground in a pitiful heap. Fear had gnawed at his fragile courage.

The rest also stopped. Although Shane was a little timid, what he had said was right. No one present could resist the Dark Nether Death Light.

At this point, Yolande glanced at Shane. Perhaps she too was exhausted, so she gently lifted up the hem of her dress and sat down beside Zen. She muttered, "It's the same whether we keep walking or not."

"What do you mean?" Malcom asked, confused.

Yolande wrapped her arms around her knees and said lightly, "You will know in a little while."

Malcom was already used to Yolande's strange manner and he stopped asking. They had traveled for half a day, so they decided to rest here for the time being.

Esther retrieved a water bottle from her space ring and raised her head to drink. Everyone else also took the opportunity to get some rest. The danger fraught journey had taken its toll on their bodies and minds.

However, not long after they had sat down to take a break, Fabian pointed at the horizon and said in a trembling voice, "That, that red dot! It seems to have grown bigger…"

Everyone looked up with fear and suspicion written on their tired faces. Indeed, even though they had stopped, the red dot had still grown larger!

"What…what is going on?" Shane cradled his head in his hands, his face full of despair.

Thinking of what Yolande had just said, Malcom glared at her and said coldly, "You knew about it from the beginning?"

Yolande nodded and said seriously, "Yes. Even if we don't move, we will still be dragged near to th

s True Sun World and also Yolande's brother."

"So, Yolande's brother died here." Zen nodded his head with sudden insight.

Hearing the conversation between Lavender and Zen, Malcom's and Esther's gazes flickered. Someone at the level of the leader of a world was a notion too distant for them to fully grasp. Even the big shots of the Upper World would never notice the Sea God Continent. However, since this mummy was a world lord and he died here, everyone wondered what kind of treasure he had left with him at this place. It could be beyond their wildest imaginings!

Thinking of this, the eyes of Malcom and those of several others with him became greedy.

They knew it would be very difficult for them to leave this place. However, as the saying went, 'Man proposes, god disposes'. If they could somehow manage to successfully leave this place and they missed such a good opportunity, they would regret it for the rest of their lives.

Thinking of this, Malcom took a step forward and rushed towards the bottom of the crater.

At this point, Yolande took a bracelet off from the mummy's wrist. There was a golden skylark that hung at the end of the bracelet.

"A space bracelet?" Weapon refiners could create Sumeru Space storage items in many forms. It could be a ring or a bracelet. Malcom's eyes flashed with excitement at the sight of the space bracelet. Just as he was about to reach out his hand to grab it, Yolande turned her head and warned him, "If you ever want to walk out of this fog, I'd advise you to keep your hands away from this."

Then all of the other warriors also walked down into the crater. Since Malcom seemed about to attack, Esther and the rest were on their guard. After all, Yolande belonged to the human race.

When they heard Yolande's words, their eyes widened. Malcom asked in a deep voice, "You mean, you have a way to get out of this fog?"

Yolande didn't respond. Instead, she put the bracelet carefully away, still quite expressionless. Then she took out a yellow talisman from her own space ring. She gently placed it on the mummy's chest. With a light touch, the mummy suddenly opened its eyes!

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